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May, 2014

What Are Tape Hair Extensions and Skin Weft Extensions?

Attaching Tape Hair Extensions

There are many types of extensions available on the market today, but not many people know what are tape hair extensions and skin wefts extensions even though they have been around for a few years. Tape hair extensions and skin weft extensions are one and the same thing. The hair extensions are in sections, just […]

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How To Create Stunning Eye’s With Eyeshadow

Highlighting 3 Areas

Whether you’re a newbie, stuck for inspiration on a new look or a professional, knowing how to create stunning eyes with eyeshadow are tips and tricks that you can add to your kit bag. Makeup is just like magic, it can make something apparently unremarkable look remarkable. This is also true of highlighting your eyes. […]

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How To Apply Eyeshadow

Flat Stiff Eyeshadow Brush

Wearing eyeshadow is easy but knowing how to apply eyeshadow in the correct way takes some practice. You may be wondering what the correct way is. It’s by blending your eyeshadow. When you blend eyeshadow it can make your eyes stand out all on there own. However there is a technique and that involves using […]

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How To Apply Lipstick The Right Way

Applying Lipstick The Right Way

How to apply lipstick the right way will stop the complaints that many women have that their lipstick runs, fades or never looks like it does in the tube. Many women find that even when they spend more money on the lipstick they do not get the celebrity results that they want. Like everything in life […]

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