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July, 2014

Five Things You Must Know How To Make Your Hair Look Good In Photos

How To Make Your Hair Look Great In Photos

You wake up after a night out with friends and your phone is sending you notification and after notification. You realize your friend has tagged you in a dozen pictures on Facebook. Do you smile at how good the pictures turned out or do you want to scream in horror? If you have the second […]

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Unbelievable Simple Tips To Use Hair Extensions For Volume

Extra Easy Volume With Hair Extensions

Would you like to give your hair more thickness, shininess and volume? If so, hair extensions may be what you have been waiting for. Everyone from everyday average people to celebrities use them to not only give hair length, but to also give it volume. You may be wondering how to use hair extensions for […]

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How To Tame Frizzy Hair

Managing Frizzy Hair

The storms we have been getting are really starting to get on our nerves, for many reasons. In addition to affecting what we choose to wear each and every day, they also cause major problems for our hair Fight those nasty weather conditions and say goodbye to bad hair forever by reading our guide on […]

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Home Remedies For Frizzy Hair

Control The Frizz With A Hair Mask

When the air gets dry, especially in winter, hair can lose its ability to hold onto moisture, which can dehydrate hair and leave it frizzy.  When you are hit with a case of the frizzies, try our homemade smoothing honey hair mask to bring it under control.  After using this easy to whip up hair […]

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How To Find A Hair Shade To Complement Any Eye Colour

Hair Shades That Compliment Your Eye Colour

Today we’re going to discuss how to find the best hair color to complement your eyes.  If you’ve been looking the hair color that will best compliment your coloring, keep reading to learn how to highlight your best assets. To figure out how to best complement your eyes, you also need to determine your skin […]

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