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How To Apply Blush For Your Face Shape

Knowing how to apply blush for your face shape is essential if you want it to look natural.

Before you can apply the blusher you also need to consider the type of skin you have. As we go through the years and due to the different seasons in the year, you’ll notice that your skin could be dryer than normal or more moist.

For example, if you have dry cheeks then it’s best to use a cream blush and a powder blush is better for oily skin.

Another component to consider is what type of foundation, if any, you are wearing. So if you are wearing no foundation a cream blush is the nest option to not dry out your skin. If you are wearing a powder foundation you need a powder blush.

What Colour Would Be Best For Me?

The rule of thumb here is to choose a colour that is the same colour as the blush you would have normally.

However if you have a dark skin tone or you very rarely blush naturally then you’ll need to use another method.

If you fall into any of the two category’s above then the best option for you is to make a fist. From the blood that comes through to the skin you’ll b be able to see colour of the lush you would have and can choose a colour from that. Or you can gently pinch your cheeks.

However if non of the above works then the general rule is that dark then deeper blush colours would suit you. If you have light skin then lighter colours would suit you.

Testing out different colours at the make up stand would help you in your choice of colour.

The Technique For Applying Blush

Always use a good quality brush and only dip the brush in so that the blush is only on the surface and gently tap off any excess back into the blush jar.

If you start off with to much blush on your brush it will then make it really hard to see what mistakes you may have made and make it hard to blend.

Start off applying the blush on the apple of your cheeks, then move towards your hairline. You can now start to blend the blush up and down the cheek. If you are using a bright shade of blush then covering the apple of your cheek is enough.

How To Apply Blush For Your Face Shape

Faces can be classified into four basic shapes. This is just to simplify because there are just too many different shapes to consider. So the best thing is to identify the shape that your face would most readily fit into. We will go through square, round, oval, and heart.

I’ve included the illustrations below so that you can see the technique. They are also to show you a comparison of the effect to the eye just by adding blush in a certain way to your face shape.

Apply Blush to a Square Face

Blush For A Square Face

Apply the blush towards the outer edges of the eyes.

Apply the blush in an either linear motion a few inches from your nose. Or you apply the blush to the hollows of your cheeks towards the outer corners of the eyes.

The trick is not put the blush on the lower part of your cheek bone, only concentrate on the upper part of the cheek.

You can make the face look either a soft line or more triangular. However do not go as far as your temples.

Apply Blush to a Round Face

Slim A Round Face With Blush

You’ll need to slim a round face with blush

The basic round face is the same length from any part to another. For example, the length from ear to ear is roughly the same as the diagonal length from the left of your forehead to the right jaw. The point of the blush method here is to slim down the face while still maintaining and enhancing that cuteness of your round face.

Apply the blush along your cheekbone starting from right under the iris when looking forward, to your temple. Do this in an up and down motion. Then blend it to the apples of your cheeks in little dabs. You’re basically drawing a bit of a triangle that is pointing to your nose…To brighten up your face, give yourself a big smile, and add a little more blush right in the middle of the apple… Just ensure that the color is not too close to the ears.

You can also add some highlighter across the cheekbone for a glowing effect…

Apply Blush to a Heart Shaped Face

blush for heart face

You want to use more blush with a heart shaped face, starting at the apple of your cheeks and then bled it across the hollows of your cheeks.

Apply Blush to an Oval Face

Blush On Oval Faces

Put the blush on the apples of the cheek

Apply the blush over the cheekbones and not at the temples, ensuring that you keep it outside the eye and just underneath the eye.

There is no need to apply the blush to the lower part of you face as an oval face is well balanced and doing that would make your features look heavy,

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