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Applying Liquid Foundation For Everyday Wear

Applying Liquid Foundation

Applying liquid foundation for everyday wear could well be one of the trickiest beauty products to use.  The tiniest misstroke of a brush can mess up the entire thing.  Here are some simple steps that can make the process so much easier.

  • Start with your favorite liquid foundation – Full coverage foundation works well on most types of skin.  Put about a nickel or quarter size amount on a palette.  The back of your hand works too.
Flat Dense Brush

Use a flat dense brush in your foundation

  • Dip a dense, flat-topped brush into the foundation.  Dot your nose, cheeks, chin and around the edges of the face.
  • Use your brush to stipple foundation in small areas beginning at the nose, then across the cheeks, the edges of your face, then your chin.
Step 1 Of Applying Foundation

Start with your nose.

  • Stipple around your mouth, but avoid the corners where smile lines form.  This may look a bit strange, but we’ll fix it later.
Stipple Over The Lips

Use the rest of the foundation

  • If you don’t use foundation under your eyes, skip this step.  Use the edge of the brush to lightly dot foundation under your eyes.  Focus on the inner corners where eyes are naturally darkest.  Stipple this area lightly and take the product from under your eyes up to the eyelid and brow.
If You Use Foundation Everyday

Use foundation under your eyes, rather than or in conjunction with concealer

  • Stipple your forehead and hairline.  At this point, you should be down to about a third of foundation you started with.  Use your brush to stipple some across your forehead and into your hairline to avoid an abrupt masklike color change.  Your face should be fully covered except your smile lines.
  • Use the rest of the foundation to dot under your jaw line and stipple up to connect with the foundation on your face and down so that it fades into your neck.
  • Use your brush to stipple across your entire face once more to ensure it is evenly distributed, and use any leftover product for problem spots.  Now you can go back and cover the corners of your mouth, as there will be a very small amount left on the brush, which will reduce creases.
  • Use the brush to lightly buff small circles to blur flaws and remove excess foundation.  This also makes the product look more natural.  Don’t forget to go around your eyes and your hairline.  Keep going until it starts to feel a little tacky, usually 2 or 3 passes.
  • Now it’s time for cream products.
  • Let it set for a few minutes.  Use a tissue to blot all over, but avoid your nose if your pores are large.  Pay particular attention to areas where excess product tends to collect, such as around the eyes and smile lines.
  • Use a puff to apply powder, making sure it sets into the skin.
  • Now it’s time for any other powder products.  Be sure to blend thoroughly.

This seems complicated just reading it, but even with setting times, it really only takes 10-12 minutes, and the result is smooth porcelain skin.  You can simply this process even more by slightly dampening the brush to avoid the bristles from absorbing excess product.  Wash your brush a couple of times a week to prevent caking.  Follow these steps to always look your best.

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