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Are Human Hair Wigs That Bad?

Human hair wigs may seem like a big investment but it can be worth it.

The main reason that they are expensive is that human hair, whether it be European, brazilian, Russian etc is in high demand. The reason being is that human hair wigs, with care, can last up to 12 months or more. Many people think that you need to wear a wig if you suffer from hair loss due to medical reasons but that is not the case. Many women, including celebrities, wear wigs as they are an easy way to change your hair style in a short amount of time. No need to wait for your hair to grow when you can have instant long hair with a wig.

Wigs For Sale

Wigs for sale are great because when this is online you can save a lot of money.

Custom Wigs

Having a custom human hair wig made is the best why to have a wig that fits your head. The best way of getting a customs made wig would be to have a head mould, which is a cast of your head. The benefits of this are that you have a wig made to measure and can be designed to be as similar as possible to your own hairstyle. With a custom made wig you would not be able to tell where the wig started and you would not be able to see any joints or where the hair is hand sewn into the wig. The hair looks like it is growing from your own scalp, that is how realistic these wig can look. You can also part the hair in any direction if the wig is a lace front wig, lace wig or monofilament wig.

Human Hair Wigs Are More Realistic

You may be asking yourself, “Why spend so much money on a human hair wig?”. There are many reasons that people spend money on a human hair wig. Human Hair Wigs can respond in a similar way as your own hair does, you can add colour if the wig has not been chemically processed. The more expensive the wig the more realistic they become.

You Can Damage Your Hair

You will damage your hair if you use to much heat.

The Choice Is Yours

With many custom made human hair wigs, you can choose the style or have the wig styled when you receive it. If you style it when you receive it then the wig you are able to choose the style you want. You do have to be very very careful that the hairdresser who cuts the wig knows how to cut it correctly. With human hair wigs you can use heated appliances and always use heat protection serum as you would on your own hair.

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