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How To Backcomb Your Hair

Depending on how it’s done, backcombing can either give lift and body to hair, or it can make you look like you stuck your finger in a light socket.  Read on to learn how to get perfect volume without looking like you got zapped.

To get the best results on your backcomb, you’ll need to start with a high quality hairbrush.  There are a number of brushes and combs designed specifically for backcombing that you might consider purchasing.  These are helpful, but not strictly necessary.  Otherwise, experiment with a few hairbrushes to see what kind gives you the best results.

Hair that is between washes and has some product built up in it gets the best backcombing results.  If you want to backcomb your hair when it’s just been washed, be sure to apply a generous amount of root boost spray or other hair product.  If you don’t care for the feeling of products on your hair, choose an uplifting foam that you can apply just to the roots.  If your hair is very fine, you may need to use a product even on unwashed hair.

How To Backcomb Your Hair For Volume

Backcombing your hair gives your hair more volume.

Steps to backcombing hair:

  1. Start by combing or brushing your hair and arranging it into the style you want to finish with, especially your part.  If you skip this step, you may end up with uneven results.  By starting with your hair parted and arranged, it will be much easier to get the backcombing more consistent.  A crooked part or other issues are much harder to fix after backcombing than before.
  2. Once you have your hair in the desired style, work in 1-2 inch sections.  One section at a time, lift the section straight up from the scalp and brush it out to be sure there are no tangles.  Hold the hair in one and your brush in the other.  Start with the brush about two inches from the scalp and brush back toward the root in short, sharp strokes.  You will want to backcomb until your hair is a bit more plump than you want the end result to be.  It will look like a mess, but you will fix this in the last step.
  3. When you move to the next section, you don’t want to let go of the first section just yet.  Backcomb each section with the previous section to combine them so that it all looks even and natural instead of random, patchy and uneven.  Continue in this manner, backcombing each section into what you’ve already done so that it all looks uniform.
  4. When you finish backcombing the last section of your hair, you are almost finished.  The last step in the process is to use your backcombing brush to smooth the hair on top of your scalp.  This will add polish to your perfectly volumized locks.  Once you are happy with it, give it a shot of hairspray to hold it all in place.

That’s all there is to it.  Perfect backcombed results in four easy steps.  I’d like to know, do you backcomb religiously or do you prefer smooth hair?

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