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What Are Human Hair Wigs So Popular?

If you love wigs then you would have seen Human Hair Wigs all over the place.

You may have also noticed that they cost more then Synthetic Wigs and there is a reason for that.

Synthetic Wigs have a shorter lifespan than a Human Hair Wig. They last between 3-6 months and then they can become tangled and frizzy and do not look like natural looking hair.

You also cannot use any heated tools on the Synthetic fibres as this will melt and ruin the wig. However there is no need for styling as you only need to shake the wig and wear it. If the wig has curls these curls will always stay in the wig even after washing they just bounce back.

Human Hair Wigs, also called Real Hair Wigs, do cost more that a synthetic wig and they are more versatile than Synthetic Wigs.

However they do give the effect of looking and feeling like your own hair. Which is what most people like as synthetic fibres can be very shiny, especially when light reflects off them.

Human Hair Wigs , with proper care can last up to a year and you can use heated tools as well. They do require more styling than a non human hair wig, that means you have some flexibility in styling the wig.

Human Hair Wigs do cost significantly more than a Synthetic Wig. You’ll find over time that the cost does pay for itself as you would not need to buy a new one every three months.

Remy Human Hair Wig

Human Hair Wigs look amazing

There are the mass produced machine weft wigs, Monofilament Wigs, Lace Front Wigs and Lace Wigs.All of these wigs in Human Hair will look very natural.

Remy Human Hair Monofilament Machine Weft Wig

Machine weft wig cap

The machine weft wigs can be the most cost effective of wigs because instead of being made by hand they are made a lot quicker and in mass production.

Monofilament and Lace Front Wigs are very similar if not near to be the same thing. The front of these wigs have a lace base where you can either see your scalp through it, which gives the illusion of the hair growing from your scalp.

Silk Top Glueless Remy Human Hair Lace Front Wig

Silk Top Glueless Remy Human Hair Lace Front Wig

You have that with both of these wigs, with a Lace Front Wig you can also have a silk top sewn into this lace base. This is the colour of your skin and also gives the impression of the hair growing from your scalp. The rest of the wig is either machine wefted or a stretch cap.

With a Monofilament and Lace Front Wig you can choose to attach the wig with double sided tape or liquid adhesive. Some of these wigs can also be worm without adhesive, like a Glueless Lace Front Wig.

With a Lace Wig or Full Lace Wig the whole of the cap is made from lace. You would need to attach the wig using double sided tape or liquid adhesive.

You can view the whole range of Human Hair Wigs and Glueless Remy Human Hair Lace Front Wigs at Afuro Hair and Beauty


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