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Blonde Human Hair Wigs – Why Are They So Popular

Blonde human hair wigs have always been popular, especially blonde wigs with bangs.

Blonde hair has always been popular thanks to many hollywood stars sporting blonde tresses, such as the beautiful Marilyn Monroe and Jennifer Laurence to name only a few.

Blonde Human Hair Wigs Are Still Popular

Marilyn Monroe was a sexy and beautiful icon.

Is it really true that blondes have more fun? According to a recent study, men are 3 per cent more likely to go out with a blonde than a brunette.

So maybe the old saying is true.

If you’ve always wanted to try the blonde look, then rather than bleaching your hair you could wear a blonde human hair wig.

This was you get the look you’ve always wanted to try without damaging you hair in the process. If it doesn’t suit you then you can revert back to your natural colour. A safe and easy option.


On the other hand many women need to wear wigs for reasons such as hair loss due to a medical condition. Your own hair may have been blonde and you want to keep the same colour but need to wear a wig.

A blonde human hair wig would certainly be a viable option. In fact it would probably be one of the best ways to start to restore confidence after hair loss.

The most popular blonde human hair wig is the platinum blonde. It is a timeless and stunning look. As the hair on a platinum blonde wig has already been bleached it’s never advisable to then try and colour the hair again.

Blonde Human Hair Wigs

Blonde Human Hair Wigs with bangs



This could lead to damage of the hair and you could end up shorting the life span of your new wig.

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