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How to Brighten Blonde Hair

If your blonde hair comes courtesy of a bottle of bleach and a lot of sitting in a chair at the salon, keeping those golden locks looking great can be tricky.  No more lackluster locks.  Tackle brass and give new life and brilliant shine with these simple tricks.

Great Tips For Keeping Your Hair Blonde

Great tips to keeping your hair blonde

How to brighten blonde hair: Tip #1

If you’ve noticed that your golden locks are starting to turn dull and brassy, switch your regular shampoo for a product with a purple tint.  The purple tint is intended to neutralize yellow-orange tones and restore cool shimmer.  These products are free of sulphate surfactants, making them especially gentle to use on hair damaged by the bleaching process.  The glycerin they contain will add salon-fresh shine.

How to brighten blonde hair: Tip #2

Purple-tinted shampoo is great for neutralizing brassy shades, but too frequent use of lilac product on light blonde hair can cause your strands to take on a slight lilac tone.  Fine if you like unconventional hair colors, not so great if you wanted to keep the blonde.  Keep your blonde hair blonde by alternating tinted shampoo and condition with your normal products.

How to brighten blonde hair: Tip #3

The next way to keep your golden locks bright is to not wash your hair every day.  Chlorine and iron found in unfiltered tap water can increase the brassy tones.  If you can’t go a day without washing, try a spritz of dry shampoo.  Dry shampoo has the added benefits of saving you time and disguising any dark roots that may be growing back in.

How to brighten blonde hair: Tip #4

Completely nullify the chlorine and iron in your shower water with a shower filter.  While they can be a little on the pricey side, they remove chemicals and kill bacteria, making the water substantially gentler and protecting your look.  If you don’t want to make the investment, consider bottled distilled water to add life and shine for special occasions.

How to brighten blonde hair: Tip #5

After a long, cold winter, everyone loves to bask in the sunshine.  Unfortunately, those warming rays can wreak havoc on artificially blond hair.  To keep your blonde hair bright in the summer sun, cover it with a hat or scarf to protect from UV rays.  As an alternative, you can use an SPF product to accomplish the same thing without having to hide your crowning glory.

How to brighten blonde hair: Tip #6

Though the sun can be hard on bleached hair, drenching your hair with a mixture of half lemon and half water before sun exposure can brighten blonde hair and bring out highlights.  Just be sure to use a good conditioner before trying this, as lemon can be drying.

How to brighten blonde hair: Tip #7

Add Honey To Keep The Blonde

Add some honey to your hair care routine.

Honey can both lighten and moisturize hair, giving you great color without added damage.  Add a half cup of raw honey and a tablespoon of olive oil to a cup and a half of distilled water.  Stir until well-mixed and apply to hair for half an hour before rinsing out.

With these tricks, there’s no reason to feel the burden of brass.  How do you keep your blonde hair bright?


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