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How To Colour Match Hair Extensions

If you have highlighted hair or even if you don’t you,may want to know what the best way to colour match your hair extensions are.

With Clip In Hair Extensions you can up date and change your look on a whim. However getting the colour right or getting the colour you want may not be that easy.

There are some tricks that you can do to make the hair extensions blend seamlessly into your own hair

Get The Right Shade

The give away sign of your hair not blending into your own is when someone’s hair does not match their hair extensions and why it’s important to colour match hair extensions. We’ve all seen this when we’ve been out and about and it doesn’t look good.

Even though you may be buying from an online shop you can still get a good colour match. The most reliable method is if you send a sample of your hair and have them match it with the colour you are enquiring about. Also the online retailer may have a colour ring that you could purchase to so that you can choose the most appropriate colour.

This is really helpful when you are looking for say a blonde colour, as there are may blonde colour such as ash blonde, bright blonde and platinum blonde. Each online retailer has a slight variation on blonde colours and there colours are not always the same as other sellers.

Bad Hair Extension Blending

Blending your hair extensions means that your hair looks natural

Blending and Length

This is the most common mistake you can make. We’ve all seen women with extensions in their hair and you can see where their natural hair is and where the extensions are. This is especially noticeable for women that have fine short hair.

To avoid this happening it’s best go to you hair dresser and have them cut and style the extensions to suit your hair and face. This way the hair extensions blend into your hair and look natural instead of looking like some extra hair you stuck onto or into your own hair.


Not only is blending and colour match hair extensions important but also how the extensions are fitted into your hair. Correctly placing the hair extensions in your own hair is a key factor in the hair looking natural.

A top tip is to spray hairspray onto your own hair and tease the hair where the clips will go into. This give the clips something to really grip onto and keeps them securely fastened onto your hair.

For women with thicker hair you will need to tease your hair much less than women with finer hair. Then all you need to do is gently shake them with your fingers, which then helps the extensions to blend with your own hair.

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