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The Most Common Curling Iron Mistakes Revealed

From beautiful curls to luxurious waves, a curling iron plays a major role in most hair styles. The heat produced by a curling iron is what gives your hair the style you are aiming for. However, most women make a number of common curling iron mistakes that either make the curls come out too soon or cause damage to their hair. If you would like to get curls that look professional and use your curling iron as best as you can, read on to learn how to prevent common curling iron mistakes.

Avoid Using To Much Heat

You will damage your hair if you use to much heat.

Too Much Heat

There is always a certain amount of damage to the hair when one uses heat styling products to style their hair. This is even more true if one is careless about how they use these products. Be sure to always blow dry your hair prior to using a curling iron; curling damp hair is a no-no. Also, be cautious of your heat settings. Certain curling irons produce a lot of heat that will lead to damaged, dry hair and in turn, breakage. Try to use lower heat settings and only use higher ones, if necessary. Usually, lower settings will get you the gorgeous curls you are looking for.

Excessive Hair Sections

Sectioning your hair properly and wrapping just the right amount around the curling iron allows heat to evenly distribute itself. Trying to curl a large amount of your hair at once will produce droopy curls or give them an irregular shape. To figure out what works best for your hair, you may have to try out different amounts of hair sections. The bigger the section, the bigger the curls. Smaller sections produce tighter curls. Trying different sections will result in a more natural look. The end result will be beautiful, natural-looking hair.

Choosing The Wrong Styling Products: Finishing Touches Are Important

Curling irons are wonderful to have, but the products you use with them can make or break the look you desire. A reliable product will prevent against damage the iron may cause to your hair. It will also properly set the waves or curls. When you curl your hair, you are doing something that is not natural to it. This is why both a holding product and a heat protecting spray are crucial. Many sprays are made for the sole purpose of being used with a flat iron or curling iron. Choose a product that also has styling properties. Then, grab a finish spray and spray a bit on to your fingers to run through your curls; it will give them a natural appearance. Be sure to do this process once the curls have cooled off. Touching them too soon can cause them to lose their shape.

Is A Curling Iron Really Necessary For You?

Ask yourself if a curling iron is really necessary for your hair. You can get lovely waves or curls by leaving rollers in your hair overnight. If you tend to get damaged hair easily, you probably should not be using heat stylers too often. For those who curl their hair often, other options ought to be used. A curling iron should only be used if you are limited on time and need curls quickly!

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