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How To Control Frizzy Hair

When we see our favourite celebrity or open a magazine or watch a commercial all of the women have luscious gorgeous hair. However not everyone does and some women need to know how to control frizzy hair or at least reduce it’s appearance.

For those women that suffer from frizzy hair this not just a summer issue but a whole year problem.

Tips For Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair can be a pain and time consuming to look after.




However there are some tips and tricks that you can do to relieve the frizz.

1) Avoid washing hair in hot water as that can dry out your hair by removing the natural moisture in the hair, thereby making it brittle.

2) As the seasons change so should you hair products. We change the colour of our foundation in summer as our skin becomes slightly darker and in winter when we lose our summer glow.

It’s exactly the same for your hair. In summer you need to moisturise your hair more then in winter, so buy products that do exactly that.

3) At least once a week, deep condition your hair for 10 mins will help seal the hair from absorbing the air’s moisture that causes frizz. Frizzy hair can be caused from dry hair soaking in moisture from the air.

4) When drying your hair try and not to roughly towel dry the hair as that just damages the out layer of the hair and it’s already damaged enough! Instead gently squeeze excess water out of the hair and then use the hair dryer on a low heat. Also to prevent any frizz point the nozzle of the dryer downwards in the direction of the hair shaft.

5) Work and retain your natural oils by using a boar bristle brush and avoid synthetic brushes. You’ll find that you hair looks healthier and shiner.

6) If you’re using straighteners, first use ceramic ones as they lock the smoothness of the irons in place. A lower heat setting reduces the risk of any further unnecessary damage to your hair. You hair must be completely dry and not wet when using heated tools.

7) By using a hair serum you’ll be helping to protect the hair cuticle and making it stay smooth and flat. It’s bad  cuticles that makes the hair frizzy. Use this before and after you’ve styled the hair. You’ll definitely notice the difference.

8) Avoid Alcohol and silicon based styling products, especially the silicone as it melts into your hair at high temperatures and becomes embedded in the shaft of the hair.

9) Sea salt, sun and chlorine are really bad for your hair and can encourage the frizz look. If at the beach use a spray in conditioner with UV protectors, immediately after coming out of the sea.

If at the pool then rinse your hair immediately after coming out of the pool and then spray in the leave in conditioner.

10) If your hair is naturally wavy or curly then don’t try and fight your natural hair texture. Go to a good hair stylish and have them give you a cut that works with not just your face shape but also the texture of your hair.

If after all of the above tips you hair cannot be tamed then opt for a Human Hair Drawstring Ponytail Extension or a Remy Human Hair Glueless Lace Wig. Both of these options will save you time trying to tame you hair.

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