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How To Create Stunning Eye’s With Eyeshadow

Whether you’re a newbie, stuck for inspiration on a new look or a professional, knowing how to create stunning eyes with eyeshadow are tips and tricks that you can add to your kit bag.

Makeup is just like magic, it can make something apparently unremarkable look remarkable.

This is also true of highlighting your eyes. You can create the look of brighter eyes by using a deeper shade to add depth and a lighter shade to make them more prominent.

There are only 3 areas you need to accentuate the eyes and make them stand out. All you need to highlight are:

  1. The center of the lid.
  2. Inner corner of the eye.
  3. Along the bone of the brow.

Your eyes will look brighter and also bigger.

Highlighting 3 Areas

There are only 3 areas that need eyeshadow


You can use eye shadow in many different ways and by using many different colours and finishes.

Experiment with different eye shapes to upgrade you look. Be daring with new colours and you’ll be surprised at the results.

All the eye shapes below can be used for any type of eyes, but some are specifically to show you how to create stunning eye’s with eyeshadow for certain types of eyes.

Wide Eyes

Bringing Out The Inner Corners

Highlight wide set eyes.

If you have wide set eyes, highlighting the inner corners of the eyes helps reduce the space between the eyes. This is done by just adding darker shadow to the inner eye.

Close Set Eyes

Highlight The Outer Eye

Highlighting the outer eye looks great on close set eyes.

If you have close set eyes then by adding a dark colour to the outer eye gives the impression of your eyes being farther apart. This look can be used any anyone.

Both Corners

Highlight Both Corners Of The Eye

Highlighting both corners of the eye is flattering.

Highlighting both corners of the eye is a look that can be worn by anyone as it flatters all eyes. Depending on what colour you are using, make sure to use the darkest at each corner and a light colour in between.

You can use any colour you would like as it doesn’t make your eyes look to big or to small.

Outer Corner

Cats Eyes

Great for hiding a droopy eye.

Highlighting the out corner of the eyelid give the look of “cats eyes”, which can be quite a dramatic look. This eye shape is great if you suffer from droopy eyes as it gives the eyes an boost and give the impression of a less noticeable droopy eye.

Apply the darkest eye shadow to the out eyelid corner in a large winged shape. This pulls back the eye and why it is great for droopy eyes.

Crease Of Eyelid 

Add Depth Highlighting The Crease

Make eyes look bigger by adding a darker shade to the crease

If you want your eyes to appear larger then this is the look for you. Apply the darkest colour to the crease of the eyelid, then add a lighter colour to the upper eyelid.

The darker colour in the crease adds more depth to the eye.

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