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How To Curl Hair Without Using Heat

Styling tools can be hard on your locks, and tools that use excessive heat can cause damage and not may people know how to curl hair without using heat. If you want to curl your hair, this causes a problem because curling irons are usually the fastest and easiest way to achieve those curls.  Whether you prefer kinky, tight curls, soft finger waves, or something in between, it is possible to achieve without damaging your hair with heat.  Finding a way to get the look you want without heat will keep your hair healthy and lustrous for years.

There are several easy ways to get the look you want without heat.  With all of these methods, you’ll want to start with wet hair.  Wash your hair as you normally do, but leave it damp.  Remove excess water with a towel and remove tangles carefully with a comb.  Most of these methods are best done the night before and slept in to allow hair to dry thoroughly.

  • Braids – While hair is still wet, braid it in one or more braids.  The number of braids you use will depend on how tight or loose you want the waves to be.  For looser waves, go with one or two large braids.  For tighter waves, several smaller braids will do the trick.  French braids will give more wave, but are not necessary.
  • Get soft curls with a headband – Start with a headband placed around the top of the head.  Working in sections, wrap wet hair around headband and use the headband to hold it in place.  In the morning, the ends of your hair will have a nice curl.
  • Socks – It may sound weird, but keep reading.  Take several long, clean socks.  Wrap a section of wet hair around each sock, wrapping from the ends to the scalp.  Repeat until all of your hair is wrapped up.  After it is thoroughly dry, unwrap the hair from the socks for some nice curls.
  • Curler – No guide on curling hair without heat is complete without a mention of old-fashioned curlers.  Don’t use sponge rollers, they pull both moisture and beneficial oils out of hair.  Magnetic rollers are better, or if you want to use sponge rollers, go for the kind that are covered in satin.  They come in a variety of sizes to give you the curl you’re looking for.
  • Flexi-rods – Wrap your hair around these flexible rods and bend them to hold them in place.  These rods are designed to let you control how tight or loose the curl is.  Unlike most of these methods, they can be used on dry hair as well as wet.
  • Bantu knots – This technique involves twisting wet or dry hair into knots by sections.  This technique is one that can be a style of its own and worn in public.  Take them out when you’re ready to let your hair down and see some curl.
  • Curlformers – Curlformers are rollers that are available in a variety of sizes to get the exact size of curl you want, from very kinky, to waves.

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