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Easy Tips For Wavy Messy Beach Hairstyles

The wavy messy beach hairstyles are a hairstyle that has always been popular. From Catherine Bach inThe Dukes of Hazard to Farah Fawcett in Charlies Angels and to Jennifer Aniston the wavy messy beach hairstyle is still popular today.

As you can imagine this look is easy to do and looks really amazing.

Things you’ll need:

1) Styling foam

2) Beach spray for hair

3) 1 1/2 curling wand

4) Flat iron/Hair straightener

First part your hair in two sections and then separate those two section in two.  Tie the top two section up and put both of the bottom sections over your shoulder.

Beach Hairstyles

First part your hair into two sections and then section those into another two sections

If you have long hair then the 1 1/2 inch is best and if you have shorter hair then you can use a thinner barrow.

Take your curling wand and take a small section of hair and starting from the top wrap your hair around the barrel , wrapping the hair away from you. Leave the hair on the curling wand for a few seconds.

Creating Curls With A Curling Wand

Use the curling wand and wrap a small section of hair around the wand

When curling the hair leave the ends free from the curling wand as shown in the picture.

Curl The Hair With The Curling Wand

Leave the curling wand on the main section of the hair, leaving the ends free.

Curl the lower sections of the hair and when you start on the upper sections, curl closer to the scalp to create larger curls. This way the hair will be curlier at the top and straighter at the ends. Leave the hair on the curling wand for a little longer than you did for the lower sections.

Curling The Top Section Of Hair

The curls on top should be large curls.

Once the curls have been added to the top sections of the hair, your hair should have large curls with straight edges.

Finshed Look Using A Curling Wand

The finished look.

Now take your styling foam and place a palm size amount into the palm of your hand and only use the foam at the roots of the hair. Using the foam on dry hair really holds and defines the curls, especially on top.

Add Styling Foam To Your Hair

Using the styling foam on dry hair defines the curls.

Working from the back to the front of the hair, add the styling foam to the roots and give your hair volume. By doing this you will also loosen the curls as you don’t want the curls to be tight. Avoid getting the foam on the ends of the hair as you’ll be using the flat iron on the ends.

You will then take the flat iron and run it over the 2-3 inches of the ends of the hair .. Only use the flat iron to smooth out the ends and only hold the flat on the hair for a few seconds.

Using The Flat Iron Over The Tips

The flat iron only needs to be run over the ends for a few seconds.

You will need to add texture to your hair using the beach spray as this helps with the wavy messy beach hairstyle.

Once the beach spray has been added then scrunch the hair and you have your wavy messy beach hairstyle.


Timeless Wavy Messy Beach Hairstyles

Wavy messy beach hairstyles always look great

If you hair isn’t thick you can extra thickness with hair extensions and if you suffer from hair loss you could buy a human hair wig and create the same look with the wig.


You can watch the video of this tutorial here.

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