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Five Things You Must Know How To Make Your Hair Look Good In Photos

You wake up after a night out with friends and your phone is sending you notification and after notification. You realize your friend has tagged you in a dozen pictures on Facebook. Do you smile at how good the pictures turned out or do you want to scream in horror? If you have the second reaction, we are here to help you. Here are some tips on how to make your hair look good in photos.

How To Make Your Hair Look Great In Photos

If you hate having photo’s taken then hate it no longer with these five tips to make your hair look great in photo’s

How To Make Your Hair Look Good in Photos: Tip One

A great, simple way to make your hair look good in photos is to eliminate those pesky flyaways. You may look in the mirror and think your hair looks fine, but the camera captures those little hairs sticking up around your crown. Tame these flyaways by rubbing a tiny bit of hair-taming serum between your palms. Now, simply rub it on the areas in which these hairs tend to be troublesome. Also, if you really want your hair to look sleek, use a boar bristle brush to style hair. Not only is it gentle, but its fibers will get rid of frizz immediately.

How To Make Your Hair Look Good in Photos: Tip Two

Should you volumize your hair or should you avoid doing so? When focusing on making hair look good for photos, you may feel your hair is too flat or you may feel like it’s too puffy. Cameras are not always very flattering, so stay away from hairstyles that are larger than your head and those that pushed back tightly. We suggest those with fine hair to use a volumizing shampoo and condition prior to taking photos. They want make your hair develop a “helmet effect”, but they will give it volume. Those with thicker hair ought to go with styles that frame the face.

How To Make Your Hair Look Good in Photos: Tip Three

Most of us love hairspray, but using too much of it can make our hair look old-school and unnatural. Rather than styling your hair perfectly and dousing it with hairspray, just use a few spritzes. Hair that does not move does not look good in photos. On the other hand, hair that looks more natural looks great!

How To Make Your Hair Look Good In Photos: Tip Four

Heat styling tools can become your best friend if you want your hair to look good in photos.  They can give your hair a shiny look that most celebrities have and that blow-dryers alone cannot. Your hair will become glossy in mere minutes if you use a straightener or curling tongs. Just be sure to use a heat protectant spray before gliding them through your hair. Doing so will prevent damage, but will still have your hair glowing!

How To Make Your Hair Look Good In Photos: Tip Five

When making a plan of how to make your hair look good in photos, think about your hair color. While blonde hair absorbs light, red and brown hair reflect it. This plays a major role on how your hair looks in photos, especially when flashbulbs are used. Lashings of texture makes blonde hair look better in photos. A backcombing brush can help out. For those with red or brown hair, give your hair a straight, sleek finish or curl it up for bouncy waves.

Now that’s the hair covered, watch this short video to see how you should stand and angle your body for the perfect shot.

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