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How To Get Great Curls That Lasts

How To Make Curls Last

You may be one of the many women isn’t able to keep there hair curled. With these tips you’ll have a better chance.


If you have persistently straight hair that simply will not stay curled for more than a few minutes, you probably long for lively, wavy hair that will stand up to a night out on the town.  If so, you need the following tips for lasting curls.

Lasting Curl Secret #1
The first rule for getting straight hair to hold a curl as long as possible is to start with hair that hasn’t been washed in a day, even two.  Hair that is too clean tends to be too slippery to hold a style, while the oil that coats hair that is in between washes will help the hair keep a curl.  Not only does the oil give the hair extra texture, it can also make it easier to sculpt into the desired as well.  If you just can’t bear to skip washing, try using a dry shampoo instead.

Lasting Curl Secret #2

Great hair starts with great preparation.  For curls that last forever, help your hair attain its curly potential by stocking up on a few style holding products.  Try a styling lotion, preferably a product that will protect your hair against heat, before starting with a curling iron.  After curling, finish with a mist of hairspray.

Lasting Curl Secret #3
Using the right products on your hair is great, but pay attention to the tools you use to put the curl into your hair.  A 24 millimeter curling iron will give gorgeous and tight curls that will gradually loosen throughout the day.  If you’ve been using the same curling iron since the early 90s, consider upgrading to a ceramic or tourmaline curling iron.  These materials provide more effective and consistent heat that will not scorch your hair like metal can.

Lasting Curl Secret #4
If your hair is really fine, or just simply will not hold the curl, try hot rollers.  Practice with them when you don’t have any big events planned so you know how to roll them so your hair looks great after you take them out.  Leave them in for at least ten minutes, longer if you can, for the longest lasting curl.

Lasting Curl Secret #5
If you typically avoid curling your hair so as to avoid heat damage, the good news is you don’t need heat to get great curl.  There are many products available to do the job, or save yourself some cash and use t-shirts or socks.

All Day Curls

You to can have curls that last all day

Lasting Curl Secret #6

As you curl each section of hair, use a bobby pin to pin your hair to your head in ringlets.  After you’ve curled and pinned the last section of hair, spray the whole thing with a mist of hairspray and let it cool for about ten minutes.  Once it’s cool, unpin each section and gently unravel for amazing curls.

Lasting Curl Secret #7

One final way to get a little more life out of your curl is to wet your hair and braid it before bed.  In the morning when you take it out, it’ll already have great waves.  Add your product, curl, pin, and lightly mist with hairspray, and those curls should last all day (or night!) long.


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