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How To Get Perfect Looking Skin

Insider tricks from the professionals to correct flaws in any skin type and how to get perfect looking skin more often.

Basic Rules for All Skin types

  1. Keep it simple – Simpler routines are easier to follow.
  2. Keep it consistent – Great skin requires daily care.
  3. Keep it mild – Don’t aggravate your face.


Oily skin looks shiny soon after cleansing and oil shows through makeup.

Cleanse with oily skin cleanser two or three times a day.

Tips For Great Skin

Keep it simple

Tone with a salicylic acid product once or twice a day to clear pores and reduce oil.  Use a cotton ball and focus on the T-zone.

Moisturize sparingly with an oil-free moisturizer on dry areas only.

Use a 5% benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid formula to breakouts.  If pimples are a frequent problem, see “Blemish Prone” for more suggestions.  Once or twice a week, try a clay mask to dry up oil and remove dead cells.  Creamy cleansing grains are okay no more than twice a week.

Water-based makeup reduces shine.  Sheer face blotters can remove excess oil without messing up makeup.  Consider a blotting blush and powder.

Bonus: Keep hair super-clean, use lightweight conditioner and keep hair away from your face.


Blemish-prone skin has clogged pores and a lot of breakouts, even with careful cleansing.

Use an oily skin cleanser no more than three times a day.  Breakouts are caused by oil trapped in pores, while cleansing only removes surface oil.  If skin is super-oily, a cleanser made with triclosan, salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide may help.

Follow cleansing with astringent or toner to reduce oil during the day, but be aware that using toners with drying cleansers or acne medications can dry skin too much.

Use an oil-free moisturizer on the driest areas.  If skin gets too dry, try a milder cleanser or medication.

Modern acne medications not only clear up breakouts, it can also unclog pores and prevent recurring breakouts.  Benzoyl peroxide is very drying, so start with a 5% solution.  Salicylic acid is less drying and may be better for sensitive skin.

Use tinted benzoyl peroxide products in place of makeup for light coverage.

Bonus: If all else fails, see a dermatologist.


If you have dry skin, your face feels tight after cleansing.

Use a moisturizing cleanser twice a day to leave skin clean without drying.

Use a cotton ball to apply a non-alcohol toner, but only if it doesn’t irritate your skin.

Moisturize with a creamy formula.  Alpha-hydroxy acids can exfoliate skin, and vitamin E, aloe and panthenol can reduce irritation.  For best results, use on damp skin to seal in moisture.

Salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide can be used to treat blemishes.  Use a moisturizing mask once a week to exfoliate.

Moisturizing foundation can protect and soften with smooth coverage.

Bonus: Try using a tissue containing lotion to remove cleanser rather than rinsing.


If you are blessed with normal skin, you have small pores and few breakouts.

Cleanse with a non-drying cleanser twice a day.

Tone with a non-alcohol toner.  Focus on the T-zone in winter, all over in summer.

Moisturize all over with an oil-free lotion after cleansing.

Benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid can be used on occasional breakouts.  Exfoliate twice a week with a non-drying mask or grainy cleanser cream.

Oil-free liquid makeup is best for normal skin.

Bonus: Don’t get lazy!

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