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How To Get Silver Hair

If you are looking for a color that will really stand out from the ordinary, how about silver?  Keep reading to find out how to give yourself the look of a Snow Queen.

Stand Out With Silver Hair

Stand hair colours are all the rage and silver is one of the most poplar colours

Emulate the Snow Queen: Step 1

The first key to getting silver hair is to start with super pale blonde hair.  If you’re hair isn’t as light blonde as you can possibly get it, the silver color won’t show up, if your hair will take it at all.  If your natural hair isn’t blonde already, you’ll want to pay a visit to your salon to have it done.  Home bleaching isn’t the same as home dyeing.  Bleaching is very hard on the hair and can cause a great deal of damage.  Remember, you can’t bleach clip in extensions, so if you use them, you’ll want to pick up some in platinum blonde.

Emulate the Snow Queen: Step 2

Once you have your hair as blonde as it can get, get in the shower and give it a quick wash, then gently dry your hair with a towel.  Where you might normally use a toner on your hair, we suggest a Neutral Renbow Crazy Color to turn your hair into a blank canvas.  Use rubber gloves to apply the dye evenly to the hair.  Once you have your hair thoroughly coated, wrap it in saran wrap and leave it for a few hours, or sleep with it in place.

Emulate the Snow Queen: Step 3

Once you have given the neutral dye sufficient time to neutralize your hair, rinse under running water until the water runs clear.  For the best silver color, follow up with Renbow Crazy Color in Silver.  Again, use your rubber gloves to apply the product the same as you did with the neutral.  Depending on how subtle or intense you want the color, leave it in for thirty to ninety minutes.  Once again, rinse your hair until the water runs clear.  Dry gently with a towel once again, and you’ll turn heads wherever you go!

If you aren’t sure about going silver and you’d like to try it out for a few days, or if you just don’t want to make a long term commitment to an unusual color, pick up a can of silver hair spray from a Halloween or costume store.  It will wash out, but may take a few washes.  Sport some silver for a couple of weeks and see how you like it, then take the plunge!

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