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How to Give Your Hair A Detox

We give our bodies a detox every now and again but have you ever thought how to give your hair a detox?We give our bodies a detox every now and again but have you ever thought how to give your hair a detox?

Our hair is one of the most important parts of our looks and by getting it to look healthy it makes us not just look good but also feel good. That what a hair detox can do for you.

How To Give Your Hair A Detox

Great tips on how to detox your hair.

You may think that it isn’t easy to give your hair a detox but it actually is, by following these easy steps.

1) One of the main treatments you will need to do is using a hair mask once a week. An intense moisturising mask will bring back your hair’s natural bounce and shine.

2) By using a clarifying shampoo it will give your hair a quick cleanse and rid your hair of any build up from using shampoo. As this shampoo is to remove the build up in your hair you only need to use it once a week.

3) Use a bristle brush on your scalp as this will keep your scalp healthy by stimulating it. You can, of course, also use your fingertips which is a simple method of doing the same as the brush.

4) Try and reduce the amount of times you colour your hair. Colouring your hair often does increase the risk of dry and brittle hair. Use a colour conditioning treatment to keep your hair looking great.

5) Try and find an alternative to using heated tools on your hair everyday. You could try sleep in rollers or wrap your hair in a silk head scarf at night. This is a top tip from hairdressers as the silk scarf keeps your hair straight and also reduces the amount of oils lost through rubbing our hair on your pillow at night.

Reduce using the hair dryer

Blow Drying your hair can in the long run damage it.

6) If you are a hair straightener addict then always make sure that you protect your hair by using a spray or serum before adding any heat to the tresses.

7) If you want the full effect of a hair detox then go natural. You can buy organic shampoo’s and conditioners which are based on natural ingredients. However you can also make your own shampoo’s and conditioners. There are lots of video’s on YouTube that you can watch to see how you can make your own.

Maybe try it for a few weeks and see how well your hair is, plus you would probably save some money in that time as well.

If you want a hair detox and think that you may not look your best while doing it, then you could always wear a Ponytail Extension or a Human Hair Wig. Both will look natural and unless you tell people no one will know that it’s a hairpiece.

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