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How To Grow Out A Pixie Crop


So you’ve had a pixie crop and now you want to grow it out.


The pixie crop may be super popular, but styles come and go and what do you do when you decide it’s no longer the look for you and you want to go back to longer locks that you can style to fit your mood?  The idea of growing out a pixie crop can be intimidating, but we’re here to get you through the process.

Growing out a pixie crop: Step #1

The first and most important thing to keep in mind when growing out your hair is to be kind to your hair.  If your daily routine involves intense heat and chemical overload, it’s hard to expect your hair to grow healthy and strong.  I’m not suggesting you you should give up your curling iron or straightener and all of your beauty products, but try to cut back on their use to a few times a week.  Let your hair dry naturally when possible, and when you must use heated styling tools, be sure to always use a heat protectant product to protect your hair.

Growing out a pixie crop: Step #2

As your hair grows, you’ll want to rely heavily on a good, hydrating, strengthening conditioner.  You don’t want to wash your hair every day because that will only strip the natural, beneficial oils from the hair.  If you just can’t bear to go without washing for a day or two at a time, try a dry shampoo in between to refresh your hair without completely stripping the oils.  As for the conditioner, for regular use find a good moisturizing conditioner.  If your hair needs extra help, you might consider a leave-in conditioner a couple of times a week.

Growing out a pixie crop: Step #3

Sooner or later your cute little pixie cut is going to turn into an outdated mullet, it’s nearly unavoidable.  But nearly unavoidable doesn’t mean inevitable.  Schedule an appointment at your salon every month or so to have it trimmed up and shaped.  Not only will regular trims keep your hair growing evenly, it can also help keep split ends at bay.

Growing out a pixie crop: Step #4

If you’re having trouble figuring out what to do during that awkward in between stage, go all out with some accessories.  Headbands, clips, barrettes,  the options are endless.  If you really just can’t take it any more, simply cover it up with a hat or scarf.

Growing out a pixie crop: Step #5

As a last resort, if you get to that in between stage and just can’t wait any longer.  Clip on hair extensions can let you feel like you have long, flowing locks until you actually do.  Don’t break them out too soon, though, clip in extensions don’t look good with super-short hair, but once you get a good start, they can help you through the middle stage.

Add Accessories To Your Growing Hair

By adding accessories to your growing hair can look sophisticated.

Growing out a pixie crop: Step #6

Last but not least, experiment with styles and colors.  You never know, you might find something you love.

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