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Hair Care Myths Busted

Does cutting your hair really make it grow faster?  Can washing your hair too often make it oilier?  There are a lot of myths and misconceptions floating around and it can be confusing trying to figure out how to best care for your hair.  Read on and find out how to keep your hair looking its best, what techniques are a waste of time and the hair care myths busted once and for all.

Hair Care Myths Busted

There are many Hair Care Myths and which ones are true?

True or False? Stress can make your hair fall out

True: No matter what you do, stress can cause hair loss.  On average we lose and regrow 50-80 a day.  Stress can both not only increase the number of hairs lost, but it can also inhibit regrowth.  Don’t exacerbate the problem by twisting or excessive brushing.

True or False? Using a different shampoo can make hair look shinier

False: Changing your shampoo will not affect your hair. The reality is, your hair can’t tell the difference between various products.  That said, if you use a lot of sticky styling products, they can build up on your hair, causing it to look dull and lifeless.  In this case a good clarifying shampoo can remove the residue, bringing new life and shine to your locks.

True or False? Washing your hair too much can make your scalp oily

False:  Whether your hair is oily or dry all depends on what kind of skin you have and how much oil, known as sebum, is produced by the sebaceous glands in your roots.  It makes no difference how often you wash or how long you wait between shampoos, you can’t make your sebaceous glands produce more sebum.  Most shampoos are designed to wash out sebum, while more modern shampoo are made to be less harsh.

True or False? Better to comb wet hair than to brush it

True:  Brushing may rid your hair of the tangles more easily, but wet or damp hair is more vulnerable to breakage, so combing hair when it is wet is better than brushing it.  Using a wide tooth comb when your hair is wet instead of a brush is much more gentle on your tresses, because you don’t have bristles placing stress on tangles.

True or False? Trimming your hair more often will make it grow faster

False: This is a common misconception.  Hair grows at a rate of about a half inch per month, regardless of what you do.  Frequent trims can get rid of split and damaged ends, which will make your hair healthier and fuller and look longer.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t actually make your hair grow any faster.

True or False? Following up your shampoo with a cold water rinse can make your hair shiny

Both: There is no actual evidence that rinsing with cold water after washing will make your hair any shinier, so on this count this is false.  However, a couple minutes of cool rinse after washing can seal the cuticles of the hair.  This can make hair soft and yes, a give it a little shine.

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