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The Secret TIps That Women Use To Extend The Life Of Hair Extensions

You are all probably already aware of how much we care about our hair extensions here at Afuro Hair and Beauty. With that being said, we have decided to share some advice about what not to do with hair extensions. Take a look at this advice; you may be surprised to learn that you have been making some extension errors for years!

The Things Not To Do With Hair Extensions

When you wear and look after hair extensions they will last longer

Bleaching or trying to lighten hair extensions whatsoever is first on our list of extension no-nos. Afuro Hair and Beauty only sells extensions that have already been chemically bleached. If you were to bleach them again, the extensions would become so damaged that you will not get much use of them. That is why you need to do avoid doing it altogether!

Improperly Clipped-In Extensions

 Next on our list of what not to do in hair extensions is something we sadly see all the time–clipping them a bit too close to our hairline. In addition to being very noticeable, they tend to come out and can even hurt you! Avoid this common mistake by clipping the extensions in about a half an inch from the scalp (roughly two inches from your hairline).

Brushing Wet Extensions

Another thing on our what not to do with hair extensions list is brushing them while wet. You can cause major tangles by brushing them before they are dry. Also, strands may snap and wefts can shed before they should. Rather than brushing your extensions while they are still wet, place them on a towel and allow them to dry overnight. Once they have fully dried, you can then comb through them, but just be sure to be gentle. Begin by combing the bottom of the wefts and work your way up. Your clip-ons will not becoming damaged if you follow this step.

DIY Extension Trimming

Another tip for what not to do what hair extensions is to give them a trimming yourself. If you were to attempt to do this, chances are you would end up having to buy new extensions! Think about it–would you give yourself a haircut? Probably not. Have the same mindset when it comes to trimming extensions. If you would like to get your extensions trimmed so they go well with your natural hair, just bring them to your stylist. They know how to properly cut extensions.

Always Using Heated Styling Tools

When trying to style your hair extensions, we highly recommend avoiding too many heated styling tools, such as a blow dryer. It is best to let your extensions dry naturally, if possible. Also, stay away from over-curling or over-straightening them. If you cannot avoid using these products once in awhile, be sure to use a heat protectant spray on the wefts first.

Going To Sleep With Extensions Clipped In

Last on our list of what not to do with hair extensions is going to bed with them still clipped in. You may feel so sleep that you want to fall into bed, but going to bed with the extensions in not only tangles them, but your natural hair will be pulled at, as well. Taking out your clip-ins before you go to bed will give you a more comfortable sleep and will increase the life of your extensions!

These are our best tips of what not to do with hair extensions. Be sure to put them to use! Do you have a tip on what not to do with faux locks?

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