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How To Hide Hair Regrowth

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve colored your hair lighter or darker than your natural hue, there is one thing that you will eventually have to deal with or it will ruin your dye job.  The nemesis of the dye job is root regrowth.  If you aren’t able to get to your hairdresser as often as you’d like for a touch up,  read on for some tips on disguising root regrowth.

How To Disguise Hair Regrowth

There are some very easy ways to hide regrowth.

Tip #1 for hiding roots

This tip is especially for the bottle blondes.  Stop your dark roots from ruining your look by making sure your hair is always clean.  Oil build up not only makes your hair limp and lifeless, but it also makes roots look even darker, emphasizing your roots and making them stand out, exactly the opposite of what you want.  Of course daily hair washing is hard on your hair.  Solve the conundrum with dry shampoo to remove excess oil.  Dry shampoo will not just keep your roots from looking darker, it will actually make them appear lighter and so minimize your roots.

Tip #2 for hiding roots

Hair Partings Can Hide Regrowth

Try parting your hair differently.

Regardless of your color, you may consider changing up your part.  If you part your hair the way every time, it will eventually look flat and roots will be more noticeable.  By changing your part, the roots will lift a bit and help them to blend in.  Whether you try a bohemian middle part or a deep side part, changing it will give you just enough extra volume to disguise those roots instantly.  To enhance the disguise, try zig-zag part.  Zig-zags can create texture that draws the eye away from roots.

Tip #3 for hiding roots

If you didn’t figure it out from the last tip, volume is critical for minimizing the appearance of roots.  If you have a special event and your next salon appointment is way off, trade in straight hair for bouncy curls or a blowout.  These styles maximize volume and minimize roots.  Get these results by blow drying hair upside down, then use heated rollers for curl.  You can finish off the look with a bit of backcombing to minimize roots further.

Tip #4 for hiding roots

Go all out on those unruly roots by raiding your makeup kit.  It sounds odd, but whatever your color, you probably have something that can disguise it.  If your hair is dyed blonde, sprinkle in a bit of translucent powder.  To match dark hair, a touch of dark eye shadow should do the trick.  For red hair, a pinch of crushed bronzer will help blend the roots right in.  Give it a try, you’ll be amazed at how well it works.

Tip #5 for hiding roots

If you just don’t have the time to spend on these techniques, cover it up with a head band, wrap or scarf.  It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s foolproof.

We hope you’ve picked up some ideas on hiding your roots to help you stretch out your trips to the salon a bit longer.  What other strategies have you used?


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