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Where Does Human Hair Come From To Make Wigs & Extensions?

You’ve just had your Human Hair Extensions fitted or you’re wearing you’re new Human Hair Wig. As you’re running your fingers through your new soft and silky locks, have you ever wondered where the Human Hair comes from?

Some people think the hair is harvested from dead people, which ridiculous, just because they cannot imagine cutting there own hair off.

There are actually people all over the world who grow there hair specifically to have it cut off to then be made into hair extensions and wigs.

Some of the best hair comes from Eastern Europe and Asia. It might sound crazy but these women enter into a strict contract with companies that sell hair are very serious about obtaining the best quality of hair available.

In this contract the women may be asked to grown their hair to a certain length and be told what conditions the hair must be kept in. For example they may be asked to keep away from conditions where the hair may be contaminated with pollutants.

The women or families may be given food to ensure that the hair they are growing is healthy and of good quality. These women and their families are happy to then grown their hair and have it shaved off as they know they are going to be paid for the good quality hair. This could be the difference between the family being able to have money for food and necessities.

One of the most famous places where Human Hair for extensions and wigs is a Hindu Temple in India. There are literally thousands of women who have there hair shaved off in a ritual called tonsuring. The hair is removed in one go by bowing the head and shaving all off with a razor.

This is a religious ceremony, where around 4000 women a day have there hair completely shaved off as a sacrifice to the god Vishnu. The tonsuring process is designed to make sure that the hair is kept in perfect condition for it to be sold.

Human Hair

Tonsuring is a religious ceremony to the god vishu

The hair from the temples is “Virgin” hair which is the highest quality of hair you can buy. The reason Indian hair is so popular is because it is not only fine but also strong, durable and is rich in pigment  so it’s easy to treat.


As most Hindu women never cut their hair the hair long as their hair is a major source of pride, plus Indian women rub oils into their hair to keep it beautiful and soft.


Paris Hilton Wearing Hair Extensions

Paris Hilton with long hair



It is this “Temple” hair that you see celebrities like Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie sporting long luscious locks.


A very good film/documentary to watch to see where the hair comes from is “Good Hair” staring Chris Rock. It funny and also factual.





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