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Human Hair Wig Repair – How To Renew Your Favourite Wig

So you have your favourite human hair wig and alas it is coming to the end of it’s life span. Well that’s what your thinking, however there is a way for a human hair wig repair and it’s easier than you think.

Whether you wear a machine weft wig or a stretch cap wig, you can add extra life to your wig.

First lets understand where we are starting from.

Human Hair Wig Machine Wefted

Machine weft wigs allow air to circulate.

Machine Weft Cap

A machine weft cap is like a mesh at the back of the wig, where the wefts allow the air to circulate. Then at the front of the wig will be a lace like material, where another fabrics is inserted to it to give the appearance of a natural parting on the outside of the wig.


Stretch Cap

Human Hair Wig Stretch Cap

Stretch Cap Human Hair Wigs are very realistic

A stretch cap is where the wig cap of the wig is made from a stretch material where the hair is either hand tied to this cap or the hair is sewn onto the cap in wefts.

Stretch caps are great because when the wind blows you don’t see wefts through the hair you only see hair or what people will think is your scalp.  Most of the wigs made with a stretch cap will be in the colour of the hair. For example a wig with black hair will have a dark coloured stretch cap and a blonde wig will have a light coloured stretch cap.

Human Hair Lace Wig

Lace Wigs are so versatile that you can part the hair anywhere on the wig

Lace Cap

You will mainly find a lace cap on Lace Wig. A Lace Wig has a cap made completely of lace. Each strand of hair is individually hand tied to the lace base, which means that the hair can be parted anywhere.

If you have hair then you would need to wear w wig cap that is closest to your skin tone  so that when you part the wig it looks like the hair is growing from your scalp.

Now how can you start you human hair wig repair?

No matter the type of cap your wig has you can easily repair your wig.

Human Hair Wig Repair Kit Items

For the Human Hair Wig Repair Kit you only need a few things






What you will need

1) Sewing needle

2) Thread

3) Weft of hair in desired colour

4) Mannequin Head

5) Comb

First you will need to part the hair. It’s better to start around the crown and work your way downwards. You’ll probably only need to use 3-4 wefts max.

Human Hair Wig Repair

Tie off the hair using the hair band.

Once you have parted the hair tied off the hair that has been parted with a claw grip or hair band. By putting the wig on a Mannequin head you will be able to get a good even parting.

If your wig is a machine made wig than you only need to follow a weft in the wig cap. If you have a stretch cap or Lace Wig then you really need to put it on the Mannequin head and part the hair there first.

Once you have your parting you then start sewing the weft of hair onto the wig. Always start sewing the weft around 5cm in from the sides. This is because if you sew the wefts from side to side of the wig it shows because the weft can stick up through the hair.

New Human Hair Wig

Sewing wefts onto your wig will renew the life of your favourite wig

You can use clip in extensions for machine weft wigs as the cap construction allows for the clips to clip directly onto the mesh cap. However if you want it to be semi permanent then sew them in.

Make the stitches small. This is a trial and error process as the first weft may not be as perfect as you may want it.



If your wig is made from human hair then I would recommend that you sew in Remy Human Hair wefts as they really bring the life back to your old wig and the hair is lovely and soft and silky.

I have personally used this method on a stretch cap wig and now my favourite wig from over 2 years ago is now wearable again.

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