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How To Know What Hairstyles Will Suit Your Face.

So you’ve just seen your favourite celebrity with their new hairstyle and you want it. You go to the hairdresser and have your hair cut or you buy a wig in that style and once you have it you find it doesn’t suit your face shape.

Most women overcome this through trial and error, which can be an expensive and also stressful way of finding out what style suits you face.

That’s why Afuro Hair and Beauty have put the guide below together to help you save time and have a more stress free experience when deciding on your next hairstyle.

First thing first, is to know your head shape. You will need to stand in front of a mirror and comb your hair off your face. Then using lipstick or lip balm trace the shape of your face on the mirror. Make sure that you are facing the mirror head on and not at an angle.

Round Face

There are certain styles that suit a round face


Round faces have slightly wider cheekbones and the chin and forehead are also slightly wide. Below the chin length bobs are best suited to this face shape. Also below the chin hair with curls also compliments the face very well.



Triangle Face Shape

Triangle Face Shape

Triangle – Narrow foreheads with wide jaws

Hairstyles with volume with the hair length being around the chin and with a fringe. However a layered bob is also suited.



Square Face Hair Styles

Below the jaw hair styles are best.


Square – Broad forehead wide cheekbones and angular jaw.

You need a style that softens the forehead. Hairstyles that sit just below the jaw and have a wavy fringe are best.



Oval Face Shape

Oval Face Shape

Oval – Chin and forehead are similar widths and slightly wider cheekbones

Any hairstyle suits this face shape whether it be short or long. Add highlights and curls for a more eye catching look.



Heart Shape Face

Heart Shape Face

Heart Shaped – High cheekbones wide forehead and narrow chin

Avoid any hairstyles that highlight the chin, so chin length bobs are a no no. Accentuate the high cheekbones with a pixie cut or a short cut with a side swept fringe.


Long Face Shape

Long Face Shape

Long/Narrow – Narrow chin and slender face

The best hair style would be a a shoulder length style that would round out your face. By adding waves using hair straighteners or curling tongs is a great way to create a change of look.



Diamond Face Shape

Diamond Face Shape

Diamond – Broad or wide cheekbones with a forehead and chin

If you have this face shape and also have long hair then it’s time to change it to a short bob. Short bobs are the best hairstyle for this face shape.


No matter what your face shape is at Afuro Hair and Beauty you’ll find either Hair Extensions or Wigs that will suit you.

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