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Do You Know How To Protect Your Hair From Heat Styling Tools?

Today a girls best friend are hair straighteners, dryers and curling tongs to name a few, when we want to keep our hair looking great. But do you know how to protect your hair from heat styling tools? You may be using all of the above and are wondering why you have lots of split ends and why your hair always feels dry or is frizzy.

We may think that we do and here are the main points that you need to look out for.

1) Use hair straighteners or any heated tools rarely. Using heat on your hair can and will, over time, damage your hair over time. Daily use of these heated tools lead to splits ends, dry and brittle hair, frizzy hair just to name a few side effects. This also includes using the hair dryer on your hair everyday. Just don’t!

Prevent Split Ends

Split ends are due to damaged hair.

If all of the above makes your eyes water and panic beat in your heart because you feel that you wouldn’t be seen dead without using hair straighteners or a hair dryer. Then the solution to this would be to experiment with up do’s. There are loads of quick and easy tutorials on Youtube and the results can be quite stunning.



2) OK. So you really really can’t live without you heated tools and are going to ignore point. If that is the case then make sure that your hair straighteners are on the lowest heat setting possible.

If you have hair straighteners that only have no heat control then you may want to invest in a new set. The Hiliss Hair Straighteners have the lowest heat is 80 degrees up to 200 degrees. This is great as it bests to start off on a low heat as you’ll be surprised at little heat you may need to straighten your hair.

Hiliss Hair Straighteners

These hair straighteners start at a very low hear

Finer hair should actually always be straightened using the lower heat settings and thicker hair slightly higher. It will be a trail and error process.

3) Always use a heat protection serum on before using any heated tools. Do not get to close to your roots and you also do not need to squeeze the straighteners hard.

Instead start a few inches away from the roots and lightly press the tresses in a downwards motion avoiding tugging. With the cheaper non ceramic hair straighteners the coating on the plates come off over time, which then cause the blades to get stuck and cause pulling. This then leads to you having to tug the straighteners through your locks damaging it. By wrapping your tresses around the heated tool for eight seconds or less also reduces the risk hair hair damage.

4) Use a good shampoo and conditioner. The Mizani range have excellent shampoo’s and conditioners that will revitalise your locks and bring it back to life. You should also have a deep conditioning mask once every 10 – 14 days, if you use heated tools often then this should be every week. This will also keep your hair soft and silky.



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