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The Most Popular Types Of Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions are the of the most popular ways for women today to achieve the long lustrous hair that you’ve always wanted.

There are several ways that Hair Extensions can be attached to your hair and the 3 most popular methods are:

  • Glue in
  • Sew in
  • Clip in

Glue In Hair Extensions

There are several methods of attaching the hair extensions with glue. First the hair used is bulk hair, which is loose hair in a ponytail. The hairdresser can use Keratin Glue granules, which are then melted in a pot and the hair is then attached strand by strand having being dipped in the Keratin glue. While the glue is still wet the strand of hair is then attached to the roots of the clients hair.

Remy Bulk Hair Extensions

Remy Bulk Hair Extensions are used when you want glue in extensions

A glue gun is another method of attached loose hair. The glue is melted in the gun and the hair attached in the same method as above strand by strand.

If you want to control the thickness of the hair then using Keratin tips and placing them at the tip of the strand and then using a extension connector to then melt the Keratin tips.

Pre Bonded/Pre Tipped Hair Extensions

These extensions come in 3 tip shapes:

  • I Tip
  • U Tip
  • Flat Tip

All of the above methods will require a heat fusion tool. Separate your own hair into sections with 1″ parting from left to right. Place the pre bonded hair underneath your own hair, every 1/4′ across. When you have the pre bonded hair underneath your own hair place both in the fusion tool. Depending on what heat setting the tool is on, it will melt the glue and fuse the hair together.

Sew In Hair Extensions

With this method you would need to have your own hair braided. Once your hair is braided the hair extension weft would then be sewn onto your own hair. Many women prefer this method because there is less stress on the hair than having glue attached to their own hair.

Clip In Hair Extensions

Human Hair Clip In Hair Extensions Colour 1

Human Hair Clip In Hair Extensions are easy and quick to use.

Clip In Hair Extensions are the most popular types of hair extensions because they are easy and quickly change your appearance. You can make your own, using weft extensions. You measure how wide you want the extension and then cut the weft to that size. You then sew the hair extension snap clips onto the weft, leaving space in between each snap clip.

This gives you made to measure clip in hair extensions.

You can also purchase ready made clip extensions, will be pre-cut and have the snap clips already attached. Before purchasing the pre-cut extensions you will have the information as to the different width of the extensions.

The best hair extensions are made from Remy Human Hair. Remy hair is soft, silky and last much longer than human hair extensions. The reasons for this is that the hair is processed less and all of the cuticles are attached to the weft all in one direction. Remy hair is also one of the most expensive due to it’s high quality.

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