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How Look After Your Hair The Natural Way On A Budget

Have you ever wanted to know how to look after your hair the natural way on a budget? With the multitude of shampoo’s and conditioners available on the market, you may on occasion want to use natural remedies to look after your hair.

With all of the serums, masks and balms it can be seem that you have choice overload. However there are lots of things that you try to keep you hair healthy on a budget.

Reduce using the hair dryer

Blow Drying your hair can in the long run damage it.

1) Letting you hair air-dry.

Continuously blow dying your hair can and will over time add damage to your hair and can reduce the hair texture. By allowing your hair to air dry as much as possible and then only using the hair dryer to smooth it out. This helps keep the texture of your hair and you may even be surprised at how much you actually like it.


2) Is shampoo your best friend?

Every woman and not to mention man is a fan of personal hygiene. However washing your hair everyday with shampoo strips the hair of it’s natural vitamins. Plus if you colour your hair it can also remove the colour, which then means you have to colour your hair more and that leads to even more hair damage. It can be a viscous circle but by washing your hair only a couple of times a weeks the cycle can be broken.

3) Vinegar. An old wife’s tale? 

This is an old wife’s tale which actually works. Many women have reported that they have poured a glass of apple cider vinegar over their hair and then rinsed it out after that have shampoo’d and conditioned their hair. The results are added shine and softness, plus no cider smell. Weird but also true.

4) Reduce the usage of heated tools. 

We use hair straighteners to help manage our hair. Using them everyday isn’t good for your hair. Imagine that every time you’re using heated tools on your hair, your hair is screaming in agony. Then think that your hair is screaming everyday if you use heated tools everyday. If you wrap your head with a silk scarf at night you’ll find that the silk scarf keeps your hair as silky straight as when you had straightened it in the morning. By reducing the amount of times you use heated tools on your hair, you’ll find your hair is in better condition. This is especially true if you wear human hair extensions or human hair wigs.

5. Splurge on the coconut oil or olive oil.

Coconut oil and olive oil are both deep natural moisturising conditioner and can be found in any supermarket or store. All you need is a few tablespoons in the hair. Start at the ends and then work your way up and then braid the hair and leave in the braid for 1 hour. Wash out and feel the soft and silkiness of your hair, this may become addictive.

At Afuro Hair and Beauty we understand that with the credit crunch more and more people are wanting to find ways to save money. As women can spend hundreds of pounds on their hair each month this may be a small way of saving a few pennies.


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