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How To Maintain Your Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions are all the rage now and millions of women are deciding to wear them as they give instant results.

You’ll find that hair extensions come in many varieties.

Synthetic Hair

Kanekalon Fibre is the most popular type of synthetic fibres used with hair extensions and wigs. Due to being able to use heat on the fibre, it is very versatile and the more preferred type of fibre. However you cannot use any heated tools with this fibre.

High Heat Synthetic Hair

Hight heat fibre can be used with curling irons and hair straighteners up to sometimes 200 degrees. High heat fibres are very popular as you can treat it like human hair, aside from not being able to dye the hair. The best type of high heat resistant fibres are the ones that are flame retardant as well as being heat resistant.

Human Hair

Human Hair Extensions come in many types of quality.

The more widely found type of hair is the machine processed human hair. This type of human hair is has the cuticle chemically stripped so that the roots are not aligned. You’ll find that due to this the hair is more prone to tangling. Plus the hair can become dry over time, absorb moisture and also cannot be dyed. However you can use heated tools on the hair.

Pink Microring Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a great way to get added length and thickness

You will find a lot of hair extensions are manufactured this way as it is cost effective and that saving in cost can be passed onto the customer.

Remy Human Hair is a good quality hair because the cuticle has not been stripped. The hair is more expensive and you see why when the hair last much longer than human hair extensions. Remy Human Hair can also be dyed and heated tools can be used on it.

Virgin Human Hair is the top quality hair available in the hair market today. Virgin Human Hair has no chemical processing and comes from only one hair donor. The hair normally comes in a natural colour, as it depends on what the hair colour is of the donor of the hair.

Maintaining Your Hair Extensions

If you have glued in hair extensions of any sort then it is best to not shampoo your hair for 48 hours after having them fitted.This is give the bonds enough time to settle.

  •  Brush out any tangles while the hair is dry. Hold the hair in a ponytail and brush from the bottom upwards, while hold the hair. This reduces the amount of hair pulled out of the extension.
  • Immerse the hair in a warm water. If the hair is synthetic, use very lukewarm water.
  • Use a small amount of shampoo, Mizani Milk Bath is excellent for both Human and Synthetic Hair.
  • Gently apply the shampoo to the hair. Remember that the first small amount of shampoo will not lather.
  • Rinse and repeat with another small amount of shampoo.
  • Rinse hair.
  • Apply conditioner. Mizani Conditioner is very good for hair extensions.
  • Rinse hair.
  • Towel dry hair by squeezing out the excess water. Do not rub the hair.
  • If human hair you can use a hair dyer, however this will reduce the life of the hair extensions. The best method would be to let the hair dry naturally.
  • Style as desired.

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