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How To Make Your Blow Dry Last

Everyone loves the that comes from having just left the salon, but it doesn’t last very long. Without the right treatment, however, that feeling only lasts a few hours.  As soon as you go to bed that very night, your perfect new style can become a smooshed wreck once you sleep on it.  Here are our secret tricks to make that blow last as long as possible:

Making Your Blow Dry Last?

Your hair looks great when you blow dry it. How Can you keep it looking that great?

Prolong your blow dry secret #1
The first step to keeping your new do looking fresh for as long as possible, tell your stylist that you want it to last several days.  The stylist can change the drying technique and use less product.  More product might hold the style more firmly, but will quickly lead to your hair looking and feeling greasy and weighed down.  The stylist can also finish the job with a blast of cool air to help set the style.

Prolong your blow dry secret #2

You spend several hours sleeping, so as innocuous as it may seem, the right pillow can go a long way to help keep your style fresh.  Choose a pillowcase made of silk or satin for the longest lasting blow dry.  Breathable cotton is okay, but can cause friction as you move in the night.

Prolong your blow dry secret #3
Avoid weighing down your new hairstyle with sweat, especially at night, by keeping the temperature as cool as possible.

Prolong your blow dry secret #4
Preserving volume is critical to preserving the wearability of your style.  Before going to bed, flip your head upside down and twist your hair up into a loose topknot bun.  Secure with a gentle hair tie and forego the bobby pins to prevent dents.  Keep the bun loose to keep your hair bouncy in the morning.

Prolong your blow dry secret #5
Help your hair bounce back from sleeping on it and keep hair clean without washing it with a spritz of dry shampoo in the morning.  A quick wrap around a large barrel curling iron will help revive volume.

Prolong your blow dry secret #6

Your hairstyle’s greatest enemy is moisture.  When going to the gym, use a sweat absorbent headband to protect your hair from sweat on your forehead and neck.

Prolong your blow dry secret #7
Shower steam can mean the death of your new style, but your friends and colleagues will thank you for not skipping the shower just to preserve your do.  Protect your hair from moisture with a shower cap.

Prolong your blow dry secret #8
Keep your hands out of your hair.  It’s tough, but running your fingers through your hair will add grease that your hair doesn’t need.

Prolong your blow dry secret #9
The front of your hair starts to go first.  Dampening your bangs and giving them a quick blast with your blow dryer will revive your look.

With these tricks, you can keep your salon fresh hair salon fresh for days.


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