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Celebrity Secrets Behind How To Make Your Curls Hold All Day

Most ladies would love their hair to look great, from the minute they get out of a salon to the minute they get ready to go home after a long night out on the town. If you are one of those girls with very straight hair, you know how it is to spend 45 minutes to an hour curling my hair, only to have it become flat before you  even leave my home!

Curls That Last All Day

You to can have beautiful bouncy curls that will last all day.

Begin With Day-Old Hair

Your locks are easier to mold when you hair has an abundance of natural oils in it. If you know you need to curl your hair for a particular occasion, do not wash it for one to two days before you need to do so. If your hair happens to become too oily, you can always give your roots a little bit of dry shampoo. But, keep the rest of your hair dry.

Stay Away From Deep Conditioner

Hair is more difficult to style and becomes too weighed down when one uses deep conditioning treatment. When you know you need to curl your hair, only use lightweight conditioners. Feel free to use deep conditioning treatments any other day.

Choose Your Products Wisely

Most people do not realize how bad it is to smother their hair with products after curing it, but not using anything beforehand. Keep in mind that you are not going for crunchy, stiff curls. Prior to using your curling iron, apply a lightweight styling lotion; this will add a great texture to your hair. Also, to avoid causing heat damage to your hair, be sure the product you use is heat-protectant. After you have finished curling all of your hair, spray it with a light hairspray. Apply enough to get your hair to stay without it getting crunchy.

Use The Proper Tools

It is important to use the proper hair styling tools. For starters, the curling iron you choose needs to be the right size; one with a ¾ inch barrel is good for those who hair does not curl easily. Curls will end up tight, but won’t look like ringlets and they will become looser throughout the course of the day. If you have an easier time getting your hair to hold curls than I do, a one inch barrel should do for summer waves. A professional curling iron is best for those whose hair falls flat.

Give the Post-Iron Pin A Try

Follow a great curling tip from Lauren Conrad Beauty: after you have finished using the iron on a curl, just pin it to your hair until it has set. Spray a bit of hairspray in your hair once it has all been pinned. Finally, take the pins out carefully and finger-comb your hair.

Braid Before Bed

This is a great tip that will save you lots of time. When you know you will be curling your hair, braid it the night before. If you have a lot of thick hair, you may need to make two braids. When you awaken, take the braid out and voila—you have waves! All you have to do now is curl it!

Is there anything you do to curl your hair?


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