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Cheap Human Hair Wig – The Results Are In

Remi Human Hair Wigs

The results are in for a cheap human hair wig. Human hair wigs come in various prices, you have high end wigs all the way down to a cheap human hair wig. Initially you’ll feel like you’ve gotten a bargain and saved yourself some money. You’ll be surprised to learn that you would actually be […]

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Blonde Human Hair Wigs – Why Are They So Popular

Blonde Human Hair Wigs

Blonde human hair wigs have always been popular, especially blonde wigs with bangs. Blonde hair has always been popular thanks to many hollywood stars sporting blonde tresses, such as the beautiful Marilyn Monroe and Jennifer Laurence to name only a few. Is it really true that blondes have more fun? According to a recent study, men […]

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Realistic Wigs – Do You Need One?

Realistic Wig

Realistic wigs, that want you want when you wear a wig. You know you have it wrong when someone you don’t know tells you that you wigs looks OK. Wearing a wig, whether you have to or because you choose to, doesn’t mean that it should actually look like a wig. When people think of […]

Wigs For White Women – True Or Myth?!

Blonde Human Hair Wigs

Are there really wigs for white women? The answer is yes and no. Yes there are some wigs that suit the lighter complexion and would look odd on darker complexions. For example, a bright blonde wig may suit a person of a lighter complexion but having said that, we’ve also seen darker toned women also […]

White Hair Extensions – How Popular Are They?

White Hair Extensions

White hair extensions are becoming more and more popular, with models and young celebrities choosing the dramatic white extensions look. If not for white hair being so popular today, you would have considered that the person with the white had was ageing prematurely. Now you’d look at white hair as being in vogue as the […]

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Are Human Hair Wigs That Bad?

Wigs For Sale

Human hair wigs may seem like a big investment but it can be worth it. The main reason that they are expensive is that human hair, whether it be European, brazilian, Russian etc is in high demand. The reason being is that human hair wigs, with care, can last up to 12 months or more. […]

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