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How To French Braid Your Hair

Have you ever wondered how to french braid your hair? Since the movie Frozen has been released, lots of women want to know how to french braid their hair like Eliza from Frozen.

French braiding your hair is very simple to do and gets easier with practice. To get the Elsa look there are  a few products that you will need to have.

1) Add heat protection serum to your hair while wet.

2) For added protection you can add Argan Oil.

3) 1 1\2 inch Curling Iron.

4) Hair Spray.

5) Hair Powder.

6) Hair Extensions (Optional).

7) Dry Wax.

First add the argan oil as this not only protects your hair it also gives the hair extra shine which you’ll see when the hair is plaited.

Next using the curling iron and curl your hair away form your face. It doesn’t need to be pretty as your hair will be braided at the end.

Use A Curling Iron Before Plaiting

A 1 1/2 inch curling iron creates big curls.

Be careful when using the curling iron as they do get very hot and you can end up burning yourself.

Some curling irons come with a glove to give you that protection.

Curling Iron Big Curls



Now that you have the curls ready you now need to add the hair powder and start back combing your hair.


Extra Volume By Backing Combing

Backing combing your hair will give volume.


By back combing your hair you are adding the extra volume needed to give the french plait the full look.




Now that you’ve back combed your hair you have the option of adding hair extensions to make your hair thicker or you can back comb your hair more to get this extra thickness.

Hair Extensions and Hair Paddings.

By adding both hair extensions and hair paddings they will make your hair thicker.

You can add hair extensions in the same shade as your hair or you could add a lighter coloured hair extension to give the plait a highlighted effected.



Hair Padding Pad

The hair padding works wonders


Whether you add the hair extensions or not you will need the hair paddings as they really do a good job at giving the thickness you need for the Elisa french braid look.



Add the dry wax to your hair.

Now that you’ve added the hair padding put your hair into ponytail and then you can start braiding around it. Section the hair into the 3 pieces that you will be braiding.

A Top Ponytail Starts The French Braid

Start braiding the hair once you have the top ponytail


To have the voluminous braid you will need to take hair from the crown of the head and add it to the right strand of hair you are using to braid. Then cross it over the middle strand while passing over the left strand.

Then take hair from the left side and add to the left strand of hair you are using for braiding. Then cross it over the middle strand while passing over the right strand.

As you plaiting the braid keep adding hair from the left and right of the head. Taking large sections of hair from left and right, give this braid the voluminous look that you want to achieve.

Continue plaiting until you run out of hair  to add in. When you do plait the hair in a regular 3 strand braid and then tie off the hair at the end.

Finished French Braid

Pulling strands of hair will increase the volume in the plait.


Once you tied off the braid you can pull strands of hair to make it fuller. Then even out the plait so that one side hasn’t been pulled out more than the other.



Finished French Braid

The finished french braid.


Once completed you now have your finished braid.




You can watch the video tutorial here.

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