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With These Prom Hairstyles You’ll Be The Bell Of The Ball

When it comes to prom, we know you probably want to look your best. This includes wearing a beautiful dress, having awesome accessories for that dress, and sporting a great hairstyle. We have some excellent prom hairstyles that are simple to get with hair extensions.

The Chignon

Prom Hairstyles Chignon Bun

Proms are big business and so are the prom hairstyles.

Many people love The Chignon for fancy happenings, mainly because it is easy to do and it looks fabulous! For this look, a 16-18” inch or 20-22” inch full head set is ideal. This will give you both volume and thickness.

First, fit your hair extension and bunch it together with your actual hair. Put it into a ponytail at the nape of your neck. Use an elastic to hold it in place.

Now, separate your ponytail into two sections. Twist each one into a tight spiral. Begin at the bottom of the ponytail and put the twisted ponytail into a bun. All that is left is securing it into place with some bobby pins.

Want to spice up this look even more? You can do a Chignon to one side of your head. Or, allow some strands to hang around your face and add a couple of waves for an ultra-natural look. The icing on the cake would be a cool accessory!

Old Hollywood Curls

You can really impress others with this throwback look! Not only does it look awesome with any prom dress, but it is also fancy and very simple to do.

You will need to first, fit your extensions. For this look, go with a 16-18” inch or 20-22” full head set. However, make sure to leave a couple of wefts out, as you will need them for the final steps of this look.

Now, you need to make a low-side parting and use rollers on both your hair and extensions. Remember those wefts you left out? Make sure to curl them too! Ideally, you should use hot or velcro rollers for this style.

Fit the remainder of the extensions and use a brush to push your hair back, away from your face. You will need to give your curls a quick brush, using a soft brush. The smaller parting needs to be tucked behind your ear and then you’re done!

Half-Up, Half-Down

Another great prom hairstyle is having your hair half-up and half-down. This is not only simple to achieve, but it can be done on both those with curly hair and those with straight hair.

Of course, you first need to fit your extensions. Once you have done that, you will need to generously apply a heat protectant treatment to your hair. You will need to use jumbo rollers in order to get the curls you are looking for. After you have curled your hair, brush them gently to loosen them up a bit. Finally, grab a little hair from both sides of your hair and move them to back of your head. Clip them into place and voila!

If you would prefer, you can do the same style and keep your hair straight. Use a fascinator or tiara to spice the look up.

A Quad Weft can also be used at your head’s crown to give it more volume. Just make sure to backcomb your natural locks.

Uber Length With Waves/Curls

Do you want to keep your hair down for prom? If so, give it some length by using a 24-26” full head set. This great prom look works for both curly and straight styles.

If your goal is big waves or curls, a 38 mm jumbo curling tong is the way to go. If you’re going for smaller curls, a 24mm tong will do the job. But, if you go for the latter, make sure to use a heat protectant treatment first. To get softer looking hair, gently brush the curls after you have styled them.

Each style listed above is great for those going to the prom. Everyone will admire how you look and you won’t have any problem getting asked to dance!

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