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Quick and Easy Ways Add Colour To Your Hair Damage Free

Hair Chalk

Looking to add some color to your hair without damaging it? If so, hair chalk is a good option! Since it is easily changeable, you can change your hair in the blink of an eye. There are many advantages to using hair chalk. Here, you will learn of our favorite hair chalk looks, how to get them and why they are so efficient.

Block Color

Nothing works better for giving your hair a temporary, yet vibrant color than hair chalk. If you are hesitant about using hair dye on your hair, but you are interested in changing its color, hair chalk is for you. However, be aware that hair chalk works best for those who have blonde or lighter hair. Therefore, those with dark hair should try very bold colors or neons and avoid lighter colors, like yellow.

Dip Dye Ends

Hair chalk is helpful for those who want to quickly spice up your hair for a day at the beach or a night out on the town. The best part is that it works for those with both short and long hair. When you want to add color to your hair, you do not need to go overboard. Adding little touches now and then is just fine. A popular trend nowadays is to add vibrant color to the ends while keeping the rest of your hair natural. If you want to give it a try yourself, our blue example is a good choice. Or, for a really unique look, try mixing vibrant shades, like pink or purple.

Easy Ways To Colour Your Hair

Using hair chalk to add colour is fun and safe.

Reverse Color

Looking to give your hair a playful look? Go with what is popular nowadays and color your roots than your ends! Though this is a different look than what people have tried in the past, the end result is truly marvelous. And the best part is that it allows your ends some time to breathe, as this is the part of your hair that tends to be most damaged. Also, trying this color scheme out allows you to hide your roots, which is ideal for bleach blondes, whose hair does not always come out the way they want it to.


Just because you use hair chalk does not mean you will end up with a “punk look” overnight. You can take your time turning your hair into the shade you desire. Giving your hair highlights allows you to spice up your color without going too crazy. It is up to you to give your hair as little or as much color as you like. A good idea for those with bob cuts is to add a bit of color to the front. A mixture of colors all over the hair are great for those who have large, bouncy hair. You can really get people’s attention by going with bold colors, such as blue and orange.

Fun Fringe

If you are not too keen at the idea of adding too much color for your hair, beginning with your fringe is ideal for adding subtle tones to your hair. You could either go with pastels or rainbow tones, whatever you choose. We believe there are many methods you can use when going for this look. You can add subtle areas of vibrancy by only coloring underneath, simply coloring the ends or go all out and color all of your hair.

Fabulous For Up-Dos

There are more uses for hair chalk than just coloring long hair when it is down; it can also be used when you have your hair up! You can easily spice up a braid, ponytail, buns, knots or whatever style you choose.

Crazy Colors

If you want to add color to your hair, why not go all out? One of the best aspects of hair chalk is that getting the color out is simple. Therefore, you can try out whichever colors you want without having permanent color or damage. You can try rainbow colors, the colors of a parrot’s feathers, or a funky pattern.

Subtle Tones

As efficient as hair chalk is for making your hair bold, it is equally as efficient at giving your hair subtle tones. Though they may be similar to your natural hair color, lighter tones, like blonde, white, silver or ginger can really spice up your hair!

You can also change your hair colour by wearing a wig or hairpiece. At Afuro Hair and Beauty you’l find a large selection to choose from.

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