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Quick Friday Night Hair Tips

Are you a big fan of the weekend? If so, you probably look forward to Friday Night. Whether you are going to some fancy work get-together, going out on a first date, or hitting up the bar, you more than likely want your hair to look great. But, with your busy life, you may not have much time to get ready for Friday night fun. No need to worry; here, you will read some effective, quick Friday night hair tips.

Quick Hair Tips

You can easily get bouncy waves in your hair.

Quick Friday Night Hair Tip 1: You Can Only Spare 20 minutes

After a long day at work, your hair has probably gone limp. Getting bouncy voluminous hair is much easier than you may think; all you need is 20 minutes! For this, you will need heated rollers. In addition to heating up fast, they are very simple to use. As an added bonus, you can even have a quick bite to eat, make a phone call, or get dressed while they are in your hair. This quick Friday night hair tip is so easy to do; once 20 minutes is up, simply take the rollers out, quickly run your fingers through hair and voila!

Quick Friday Night Hair Tip 2: You Can Only Spare 15 minutes

If you have just 15 minutes to get great hair, this next tip is for you. Our clip-in extensions can be used to turn flat, work-hair into fun hair. It only takes 15 minutes to get our clip-in extensions in your hair, transforming it into beautiful, natural looking hair. It does not matter if you want to make your hair look longer or give it a boost; you can get either one with extensions. If you want to make life even easier, try the Wrap-Around Ponytail or Clip-In Bangs. Either of these take mere minutes to get in place and instantly give you a new look.

Quick Friday Night Hair Tip 3: You Can Only Spare 10 Minutes

Think it is impossible to give your hair a new, fresh look in only 10 minutes? Think again. So, what hairstyle only requires 10 minutes of your time? That would be the top knot. Obtain this exact look by using this quick Friday night hair tip. Begin by gathering up your “work hair” into a ponytail high up on your head. Give it volume and texture by using a backcombing brush. Finally, wrap the ponytail around itself, get it to stay in place with an elastic band, and use bobby pins to ensure it stays in place. Not only is this an elegant look, but you will wake up the next morning with beautiful waves. How awesome is that?

Quick Friday Night Hair Tip : You Can Only Spare Five Minutes

You probably think it is impossible to get your hair looking good in five minutes. Believe it or not, it’s not true. If you can only spare five minutes, you can make use of a backcombing brush and Matte Dry Shampoo. Just give your roots a little spritz with this dry shampoo, use your fingers to rub it in, and brush out. Lastly, take the backcombing brush to tease lashings of body and finish up with a bit of hairspray. You will automatically have more voluminous hair.

Quick Friday Night Hair Tip: You Can Only Spare One Minute

Like many of us often do, you may find yourself in a position where you have just one minute to do your hair. Don’t panic if this occurs; grab your favorite hair accessory. This may be a clip-in flower, flashy headband, or some kind of clip. Whatever you choose, know that these accessories can truly do wonders in improving the look of your hair. They are actually really popular this season. So, pop in an accessory!


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