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Do You Really Know What Hair Extensions For Curly Hair You Should Use?

Dealing with hair extensions for curly hair is not always the simplest thing in the world. Many clip in hair extensions are straightened, which makes blending them in with curly hair difficult. But, there is  no need to worry; we are here to help you out as best as we can! We have some choices to help you find the right match for your natural curly hair. Read this helpful advice.

There are two main choices for women looking for hair extensions for curly hair: straighten your hair in order to get it to match the extensions or curl the extensions so it blends with your hair. The simplest choice is to straighten your hair, since you can use as much heat and product on your hair as you need to. But, if you would rather keep your hair looking curly and give it more bounce, we will teach you how to properly curl the extensions.

Watch this short tutorial on how to curl your hair extensions

The kind of curls you have plays a major factor in curling hair extensions. If you have tight curls, it may be a bit harder to get the extensions to perfectly match the extensions. For instance, those with a afro hair will find the process much harder than those with a bit of kink, as the latter is much easier to blend in with the extensions you will put in your hair.

If you hair is wavy, it is easy to get the extensions to curl in a way that will match your natural hair to a tee. All you need is a good curling tool! Begin by separating your hair into sections about one inch wide. Make sure you have used a heat protector beforehand. Now, wrap each section around your tool and keep it just like that until your hair has heated up. You can then release your hair and brush through them so you give your hair natural-looking waves. Just do not use any styling products afterwards, as they cannot be used in any extensions. This means you need to stay away from hairspray, mousse, and salt spray.

Also, if you have a “yaki” texture to your hair, crimp and brush out the extensions instead of relaxing your locks. Doing so will give the extensions a “yaki” texture, allowing them to better blend with your natural hair.

Make Your Hair Extensions Curly

Adding curls to your hair extensions can give you a fabulous new look.

If you have an afro and think you cannot use hair extensions, think again! It is a difficult process, but it can be done. Celebrities like Solange Knowles can get it done and you can too. For those wanting afro hair extensions, hair needs to be set on perming rods and brushed out. You will see an amazing amount of volume like you have never seen before and will provide your extensions with awesome afro-texture! This also applies to those with tight ringlets!

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