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What is Remy Human Hair?

The first thing that you need to understand that is that “Remy Human Hair” and “Remi Human Hair” are one and the same thing.

The term Remy is used to describe the manufacture of the hair and also the characteristics of the hair.

Remy Human Hair is collected so that the strands of hair stay in the natural direction that it grew in. This means that the best qualities including the uni-lateral cuticle direction is kept the same as it would when growing on the head, in a single direction.


Remy Human Hair Collection

Remy Human Hair is collected in ponytails.

This is achieved by holding the hair donors hair in a ponytail and cutting. This keeps the natural cuticle direction and texteure pattern. The benefit of this is that this reduces the hair tangling, which is very common in low quality hair and non Remy Human Hair pieces.

Due to the hair being less prone to tangling and that the hair is also healthier a Remy Human Hair piece should last around 6 – 12 months as long as they hair is maintained correctly.

You’ll find that Remy Human Hair is more expensive than no  Remy Human Hair products. This, as you can understand, is due to the method that the hair is collected. It is time consuming as it has to be cut, stored, washed and treated keeping the cuticles in the correct alignment as it was initially collected in.

Bulk Remy Human Hair Ponytails

Remy human hair in bulk

To put another way, imagine that non Remy Human Hair is a “Ford” and Remy Human Hair is like a “Mercedes”. You get what you pay for. However if you had Virgin Remy Human Hair then that would a “Porsche”.

Now there are some companies that will advertise that they sell 100% Remy Human Hair products, however they are actually selling 60% Remy and 40% non Remy Human Hair. That is Ok as long as they clearly advise that there is a mixture of hair on the hairpiece.

You may see Remy Human Hair described as “unprocessed Remy Human Hair”. Well Remy Hair does have to go through a process to make sure that the cuticles are all in the same direction and the hair still has to be cleaned in preparation for it to be used either in hair extensions or wigs.

Is there any techniques that are available to tell the difference between non Remy and Remy Human Hair pieces? If you work in the hair industry to can definitely tell the difference just by touch. It’s soft, silky and there is a cool feeling to the hair when you run it through your fingers.

If you’re not an expert then you only know by wearing the hair as non Remy Human Hair starts to become tangled within 4 months. Plus the price will be very cost effective than a Remy Hair piece.

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