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Sexy Eyeliner Techniques

It’s easy to apply eyeliner and there are sexy eyeliner techniques. We all wear eyeliner at one time or another but it good to be able to use it to make your eyes look different whether you are going out for the night or going to work.

Here are some simple sexy eyeliner techniques that anyone can do.


Reverse Cat Eyes Technique

Reverse cat eyes look stunning.

Reverse Cat Eyes

This technique extends the liner past the inner corner of the eye, instead of stopping at the tear duct, instead of the outer corner like the traditional cat eye.

First seen on Georgia May Jagger in Sydney Australia at the launch party for the 30 days of Fashion and Beauty, the reverse cat eye looks very similar to the more commonly seen cat eye.

But if you take a little closer look at the inner corner of the eye, the liner extends beyond the inner corner of the eye.  This technique is perfect for lengthening small, round eyes or accentuating almond-shaped eyes.

Using liquid liner, start just past the outer corner of the eye, then bring the liner past the tear duct, following the shape of the eye.  Make it even more dramatic by using a cat eye on your top lids and a reverse cat eye on the bottom.

The Soft Smudge Look

Get the soft smudge look easily with liner on the lash

Soft smudge of black liner along outer half of lower lashes

This one is good when you’re looking forward to a night on the town and don’t want to go too heavy on the makeup.

Line your upper lids with an eye pencil, then use the pencil to follow your lower lids out from the center of the eye to the corner.  Then use a smudger tip to blur the line a bit to make it soft and smoky.


Eye Definition

A great way to intensify your eyes.

Line the inner rims of the lash lines

This is an ultra-simple trick to make your eyes pop.  Use a waterproof eye pencil to line the inside of the lash lines of both upper and lower lids.  If this look comes off too heavy on your eyes, you can tone it down by choosing either the upper or lower lid to use liner on and leaving the other natural.

Modern Double Cat Eyes

The double cat eyes makes you eyes look amazing.

Get a mod effect by doubling up on the cat eye with black and white liners

Two things are certain with this technique.  First, if you wear it to an event, you will stand out because no one else will be wearing it and that is always awesome.  Second, it’s oh so easy to pull off, you really can’t mess it up.  All you need are black gel liner, white eye pencil and these instructions.

  • Apply makeup to the rest of your face.
Mod Cat Eye

Start with the upper eye

  • Use an eyeliner brush to draw dashed in black gel eyeliner along the upper lashes.  At the outer corner of the eye, angle the dashes up to give you the perfect subtle cat eye.
Connect The Dots Of the Cat Eyes

Connect the dots with eyeliner

  • Connect the dots for a solid line.
Use Mascara To Add Length

Use Mascara to add length to your lashes

  • Use mascara on your upper lashes to emphasise your eyes.
Finished Cat Eyes

Finish the look with white kohl

  • Use a white kohl pencil to trace a V starting from the inner corner and extending below the waterline along the lower lashes the outer corner to parallel the black liner.
  • These eyes look great when combined with a light pink on the cheeks and the lips.

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