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Sexy Eyeliner Tips Part 2

With some sexy eyeliner tips you can dramatically change your look.

  • Black liner over silver cream shadow – A little too dramatic for every day, but a great way to dress up your eyes.  Use pewter or silver cream shadow on the lids and follow it with a black eye pencil around the lashes.
Black Eyeliner and Silver Eyeshadow

This is a very dramatic look.

  • Kitten eyes – This technique is good for every day.  To get it, trace your upper lashes with black pencil and extend it past the outer corner just a hair.  Finish it off by tracing the lower lashes.
Soft Kitten Eye

This softens the eyes, while highlighting them.

  • Match black liner with reddish orange shadow – A fantastic look for fall, brush eye shadow in an reddish orange color and apply liner around the upper lashes only.  This would be great for Thanksgiving or a Halloween party.
Orange Eyeshadow Black Eyeliner

Using Black eyeliner and orange eyeshadow.

  • Use your liner to create calligraphy – This technique looks a whole lot harder than it really is.  Start with a traditional cat eye using liquid liner.  The parallel your upper lash line in the crease of your eyelid.  When you open your eyes, the lines will look like they are really close together.
crafty caligraphy With Black Eyeliner

You can create a crafty caligraphy with black eyeliner

  • Exaggerate the cat eye and match it with a heavy lower lid – Put away the liner pencil in favor of a black shadow pencil.  This will give a more smoky look and add drama to the lower lid.  Extend the outer corner a bit farther toward the hairline to magnify the cat eye.
Stylish Exaggerated Cat Eye

Apply the eyeliner heavily-lined lower lid.

  • Lined eyelid crease and V-shaped outer corner – Start by tracing the crease of your eyelid with liner and smudge to diffuse it.  The line just the outer corners and blur the lines just a bit in the spirit of Edie Sedgwick.
"V" Shape Outer Liner

Sharply-lined Crease And “V” Shape Outer Liner.

  • Thick cat eye with wings – This look is perfect for a first date, or any date.  It simply doesn’t get any sexier.  Get this look with black liquid liner.
Winged Cats Eyes

Severly Thick And Winged Cat Eye


  • Wing the liner on the upper lids, and draw some lashes on the bottom – Pair the thick cat eye with wings from the previous technique, then use the same liner brush to dot clumpy lashes along the lower lashes.
Darkly Winged Upper Eyeliner

Wing out your upper eye liner.

  • Line your eyes super straight, and leave a space on the lower lids – Extend the liner on the outer corners out straight to elongate your eyes.  For a surprising twist on traditional fully lined eyes, skip the space under your irises.  This look is easiest to achieve using a precision tip with liquid liner.
Line Your Eyes Straight

This is a very dramatic look.

  • Just be blunt – This look takes fully-lined eyes and smudges the outer corner up to the brow bone.  To get this unusual spin on a smoky eye, hold a business card up to your eye as a guide while you blur your top lid.  An eye shadow pencil that doubles as a liner will make this technique ultra-simple.
Dramatic Blunt Eyeliner

Eye are lined, and smudged with a blunt edge

  • Soft-focus just the lower lashes – outline your lower lashes using a kohl black eyeliner pencil and use the sponge tip to smudge the liner.
A Soft Focused Eyeliner

A lovely soft looking eye liner enhancing the eyes.

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