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How to Shape Your Eyebrows

Knowing how to shape your eyebrows can help you refine your looks.

To start with you will need to trim your eyebrows, but before you use the brow scissors to trim your eyebrows you’ll need to brush your eyebrows upwards so that you trim the long hairs. Then brush downwards and trim again.

By doing this before you start tweezing, you’ll be able to bring out the shape of the brown and remove any bulk and weight.

Now you need to locate the arch in your brow.

  • The inside edge of you brow start at the bridge of your nose. To see this hold the pencil parallel to the side of the bridge of the nose.
  • You can workout where the highest point of the arch is by having the eyebrow pencil at the corner of of the eye, the outside of he eye.
  • To find out where your brown should end, you can diagonally angle the pencil from your nostril to the outside of the corner of the eye.
  • Otherwise tweeze immediately below the highest point of your eyebrow, by looking straight on in a mirror and finding the highest point in your eyebrow.
Eyebrow Shaping

You need to find your eyebrow shape.


Once you know the shape of your eyebrow, mark it with a eyebrow pencil.

Now you can either tweezer, wax or thread your eyebrows. To keep your brows looking natural you only need to remove two rows of hair from the lower edge of the brow and only a few hairs from the upper edge to give that downward slope, which must be subtle.

Removing hair from thick browns would require a more dramatic arch and the removal of an extra row from under the peak of the eyebrow.

If like so many women you are using tweezers and end up over tweezing your eyebrows so that they look non-existent. Then invest in a brow groomer, which fills in the missing areas and colours in the spaces. It makes your eyebrows look thicker and is the same texture as hair wax.

If you’re unsure is you should use tweezers or waxing, then the rule of thumb is if you have thin eyebrows then use tweezers and if you have thick eyebrows then use wax.

Now when it comes to tinting your eyebrows, eyebrows that match the exact colour of your hair always looks really fake. Use a tinted gel and make the shade a little lighter than your hair for a more natural look. Avoid any dyes or even bleach which can be dangerous as you may have an allergic reaction or even get it in your eyes, which is very painful.

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