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Fast and Simple Ways To Braid Your Hair For Summer Hairstyles.

We are counting down the days until our summer holiday. If you only have a couple days left until day one of your holiday, now is the time to begin thinking about how you will keep your hair looking chic everyday you are gone with these summer holiday hairstyles!

Maybe you want to try out some new hairstyles while you are away. Or, maybe you just want to figure out what to do with your frizzy hair. Either way, the following summer holiday hairstyles are sure to do the job.

A Thick Headband

Headbands are really in style this summer. So, why not go with the trends and sport a thick headband? Victoria Beckham and Valentino are just two of the many celebrities who have thick headbands as part of their ss14 collection. What is even better is that there are so many thick headbands out there that fit with everyone’s style. A thick Alice band is top on our list, as it keeps the hair away from our face as we enjoy the sun. Chic and practical can go hand-in-hand after all.

Mermaid Waves

Hair Tutorial Mermaid Waves 11.08.14

This summer season, mermaid waves are a hot style. They are a casual, yet feminine look, all in one. To achieve this look, one must curl their hair in numerous directions. This gives off a carefree vibe. You must also use a leave-in conditioner if you want to keep the waves looking good. This conditioner will combat humidity and make the waves glossy.

Angel Braid

When we are ready to take off our swimsuits and put on our dresses for a night out, we love to turn to the Angel Braid. In just five short minutes, we have dazzled up our hair without breaking a sweat! When put together with beachy waves, the angel braid screams summer to those who see it.

The Ballerina Bun

We have decided to replace a top knot this summer with a ballerina bun. Not only is this such an easy look to achieve, but it makes the person wearing it look fashionable. When making a ballerina bun, use your fingers to work a styling cream through your hair. Then, you will run this cream through all of your hair by flipping it upside down. Now, gather your hair up into a bun and flip it back up once more. Use an elastic to secure your bun into place. Rather than sweating flyaways and wisps, enjoy them; this is supposed to be a carefree look.

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