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Super Easy Tips for Flawless Foundation

Super Easy Tips for Flawless Foundation

Foundation is by far the trickiest beauty product around today.  Other items are far more forgiving.  For example, if you smudge your eyeliner, it’s not a mistake, it’s smoky.  When a mistake is made with foundation, it’s there and there’s not covering it up.

Flawless Foundation

Putting on foundation can be tricky

According to one survey, nearly ¾ of women said that they have problems finding the right foundation.  Even with rows filled with dozens of shades of foundation on the shelves, or maybe because the number of choices is so overwhelming, 54% said finding the right color is their biggest problem.  62% of women surveyed said they have problems putting it on correctly.  Here are some tips to help you get it right.





  1. Get a dense, dome-shaped brush – Just over half of women don’t use a brush to put on foundation, but professional makeup artists say the brush is crucial for an even finish.  Using a brush offers better coverage with less product.  The dome shape lets you buff the foundation with gentle circular motions.  You can also build foundation as needed.
  2. Use different products on different parts of the face – If you want your foundation to last, the formula is vital.  Try a matte finish on the T-zone to minimize oiliness, and a moisturizing formula around the edges of the face.
  3. Minimize creases – Any foundation is going to have a tendency to collect lines and accentuate them.  There are techniques to minimize this tendency.  Blot eye cream with a tissue before applying foundation.  After applying foundation, use a fine brush to remove excess product from fine lines around the mouth.
  4. Fix color on darker skin – Brown skin may have purplish undertones around the mouth and under the eyes.  Neutralize the purple with an orange skin corrector on these areas.
  5. Apply foundation all over – There is nothing that draws attention to your makeup more than having different coloring on your face than around your hairline, under your jaw or your ears.  Smooth foundation on down to your neckline, up into your hairline and around your ears, especially if they tend to get red.  If you like to fake a tan by using foundation that is darker than your normal skin tone, don’t forget your legs and arms.  Using foundation on your eyelids and lips can give your eyeshadow and lipstick a better color.
  6. Use highlighter under foundation – Foundation is usually the first thing most women apply, but for a natural glow that looks like it comes from within, use highlighter first.  Highlighter used over foundation can become dull over the course of the day.

Follow these tips to look your absolute best every day.

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