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How To Tame Frizzy Hair

The storms we have been getting are really starting to get on our nerves, for many reasons. In addition to affecting what we choose to wear each and every day, they also cause major problems for our hair Fight those nasty weather conditions and say goodbye to bad hair forever by reading our guide on how to tame frizzy hair.

Managing Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair can be a pain to maintain. However you can get the hair you want with these tips.

We will get to our tips on keeping frizzy hair at bay in just a moment. First, let’s discuss what turns otherwise beautiful hair into a hot mess. Humidity is the number one cause of frizzy hair. It affects the cuticles of our hair and turns well-kept hair into a frizzy problem. Hydration is another big cause of this terrible hair problem. Certain factors, such as cold weather and air conditioning, can absorb the moisture out of our hair, leaving it frizzy.

So, these are the top major causes of frizzy hair. Now, we will discuss how to tame frizzy hair so you can get it looking its best.

Use Hair Oil

When trying to tame frizzy hair, the first thing you should do is add a reliable oil to your hair care regimen. These oils provide the hair with moisture, keeping those locks nice and smooth. After all, lack of moisture is one cause of frizzy hair, as we have already mentioned. It is worth using some oil at least once each week. We particularly enjoy using Argan Oil; it produces great results.

Change Your Hair Conditioner

If you do not like to use hair oils, you can always try switching your normal conditioner to one that is specially made to help with moisturizing one’s hair. These conditioners provide the hair with an abundance of moisture, which in turn, keeps frizz away. Your hair will look so smooth that people will think you had it done at a salon.

Heat Up Styling

Would you like to avoid lackluster hair? If so, styling it is of the utmost importance. Though you should not put too much heat on your hair, blow drying it can remove frizziness. Your hair cuticles are sealed by the hot air, making it look extremely smooth and sleek. The next time you need to wash your hair, be sure to blow dry it when you are done to prevent it from becoming a frizz ball.

Carefully Pick Your Tools

The last tip in our guide to tame frizzy hair is to get yourself a reliable hair brush. Round boar brushes are one such brush; it eliminates frizzy locks and gives one’s hair a shiny new look. The small price of one of these brushes is worth the end result!

If nothing else works for you, just deal with what it is. Put your hair up into a bun, knot or turn bedhead into a new trend! Others may actually like the way your hair looks and you may get people to rock the look all around the world! Drawstring ponytails are also a great way to hide a bad hair day.

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