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The Real “Fix” For Human Hair Wigs

You’re feeling fantastic! You’re so happy because you have just bought the most gorgeous human hair wig, which may have cost a fortune, but was definitely worth every penny. Why? It’s real human hair and you feel like a celebrity in your new hair. There is only one problem and that is that it tangles constantly.

If you’ve worn hair extensions, a weave or wig you’ll know about the struggles of keeping the tangles out of your human hair hairpiece. You’ll know about this if you just wear synthetic hairpieces. We’ve asked a top hairstylist, who is an expert in keeping tangles out of your hairpieces.

Can you explain why wigs, even the expensive ones, become tangled more than your own hair?

“If the hair has been processed with colours or chemicals, then that could cause tangling. It all depends on how the wig has been made. If the cuticles are all aligned then the hair will be less prone to tangling as much as wigs where the cuticles are not all in the same direction. The more the hair has been processed then the more the hair will be prone to tangling. The reason why you notice it more in a wig than i your own hair is because you scalp produces oils that are natural to keeping the hair from getting caught with its self and from drying out.”

Human Hair Wig Medium Brown

A Stunning Medium Brown Human Hair Wig

What would you recommend to stop human hair wigs from tangling?

“Find a shampoo and conditioner that is sulphate free with a low ph, so they should be very mild and will not strip the hair.

You then need to wash the wig in the shampoo, rinse, then condition. Remember that this is not your own hair so you can’t scrub the hair as you would the hair on your head. If you need to comb the wig, comb it before you wash and shampoo it, otherwise you will pull the hair out of the wig. If you don’t exercise and don’t sleep in the wig, then you only need to wash it once a week.

There are also leave in products that you can use on the wig. The best one is Mazani Lux Oil. It’s called “oil” but this oil actually evaporates and leaves no build up in the hair, which is why it is recommended for hairpieces.”

Is there a special method to brushing tangles out of my human hair wig?

The only time you should ever brush your wig is when it is dry. Always start from the ends and work your way up, always holding the hair above where you are brushing it. This prevents excess hair from being removed from the wig so that it does not go bald. You can use a paddle brush or a brush made for extensions and wigs.

Human Hair Wigs Brush

Use a paddle brush for your human hair wigs.










A frequent complaint from wig wearers is that the wig, no matter if it is a human hair wig or a synthetic wig, always tangles at the nape of the neck. Why is that?

“It all depends on the type of fabric the person is wearing that can cause the human hair to turn into a ball of hair at the back of your neck. You’ll find that this happens more with wool or any fibrous material. However smoother silkier material will not cause the hair to tangle much. By adding some additional wefts to the back of the wig can reduce this happening because it makes the hair heavier and stops from tangling.”

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