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How To Apply Eyeshadow

Wearing eyeshadow is easy but knowing how to apply eyeshadow in the correct way takes some practice. You may be wondering what the correct way is. It’s by blending your eyeshadow.

When you blend eyeshadow it can make your eyes stand out all on there own. However there is a technique and that involves using only 4 brush that will enable you to create any look that you want.

Stiff Flat Brush:

Flat Stiff Eyeshadow Brush

This stiff flat brush is used over the lid

This brush is really important as it is used to add the colour to the lid. It can also define the crease in the lid if that is the style that you are going for.

Pencil Brush:

Pencil Brush

The pencil brush is for under the eyes.

  • This brush is brilliant when you want to apply colour under your eyes and creating a soft smoky look. However you can also use it to apply colour to the crease in your lid, due to the fine tip.You can also intensify your eyes by darkening the outer eye with this brush.


Stiff Dome Brush:

Different Sized Stiff Dome brush

A stiff dome brush is great for the smokey eye effect.

  • Use a small stiff dome brush for smaller eyes and the larger brush for feathering the colour out. When you feather the colour you create a smokey eye. However this brush is best used for blending colour instead of adding colour.


Soft Dome Brush


Soft Dome Brush For Blending.

A soft dome brush is the best brush to blend with.


  • Due to the soft bristles you can get a more finer blending around the eye. You can blend any harsh lines under the brow.


Learning Eyeshadow Shapes

Below are the basic eye shadow shapes.

Fan Shape.

Fan Shape Eyeshadow

Fan Shape Eyeshadow

The fan shape is divided into 3 parts in order of light to dark. So the lightest shade would be where the yellow is, moving over to the medium shade , which is represented by orange and then the darkest shade as shown by the brown.

No matter your eye shape this look will suit you.

Snow Globe:

You can make this look very dramatic by using shimmer in the middle of the lid. Us the stiff flat brush to apply this make up and remember to blend the colours, as you can add a matte shine on the outer and inner of the eye.

this look gives the impression that the eye is rounder than it would be without adding the eyeshadow in this way.

Smokey Eye

The smokey eye look has been popular for a long time and you can see way. To create this look apply a dark colour to the lower lid using the stiff flat brush. Then add some light or medium colour, using the dome brush and then blend the colours out of the crease to make the look more natural.

Cat eye

Using eyeliner, follow the lower lash line up towards the outer eye. Make sure that you pull your eye upwards and then apply the liner in a winged shape at the edge of the eye. This winged shape should be large and noticeable. Using a pencil brush you can then add colour and also use it to go over the eyeliner to make it look natural.

You’ll notice that this look makes the eye look either almond shape or rounder.

Cut Crease

Make a defined line in the crease of your eye by using wither a chiseled brush or an eyeliner pencil. Without blending out the prominent line you’ve just created, blend the colour upwards and out and then add a lighter shade to the lower lid.

Closed Banana

Use the same technique as the Cut Crease the only difference is that you need to add a lighter colour on the lid below the cut crease and round the edges. On the lower lash line lower the shadow down.

Choosing Eyeshadow Colours

You only need a 4 standard colours to achieve the above looks:

  • A Light Shimmery – Use as a highlight under the brow bone and inner tear duct.
  • Light Matte Finish – Softens any harsh lines under the brow bone.
  • Medium – Blends out harsh lines in the crease.
  • Dark – Use to create a smokey effect and on the outer eye or lower lash line.

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