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Tips For Disguising Greasy Hair

Want Tips For Disguising Greasy Hair? Read This

It has happened to the best of us; A couple of days have gone by without washing our hair. We go to sleep and tell ourselves we will do it when we wake up the next morning. But, we ignore the alarm, wake up late, and have to rush to get ready, leaving no time to wash our hair.  Do we just go through the day with greasy hair or do we do whatever we can to disguise it? If you want to know how to disguise greasy hair, take a look at these ideas.

How To Disguise Greasy Hair: 1st Step

A Hair Dryer Heats The Oils In The Hair

Use a hair dryer to heat up the oil in the hair

When trying to disguise greasy hair, the first step is to grab your blowdryer and give your hair a quick blow. You may be curious as to what this would do to help greasy hair. It’s quite simple; the blowdryer dries up the oil and spreads it through the rest of of our hair. In turn, you will not notice the oil, since it is now evenly spread. Be sure to use a blowdryer that will not damage your hair and blow in an upward motion.

How to Disguise Greasy Hair: 2nd Step

Brush The Oils Through Your Hair

Redistribute the natural oils in your hair by brushing your hair.

Once you have finished blowdrying your hair, you are ready to spread the oils that have been clinging to your roots. You will need a boar bristle brush to do this. There are two main benefits to using this kind of brush. One, it is a natural brush that effectively moves the oil from your scalp down to the tip. Two, it is gentle on your hair, so you do not have to worry about doing any damage. If you do not already own this kind of brush, it would be worth your while to get one.

How to Disguise Greasy Hair: 3rd Step

The third step in this Dirty Looks guide about how to disguise greasy hair involves dry shampoo. You ought to use this kind of shampoo, but be sure to avoid spraying it too close to your roots if you want your hair to continue looking natural. This shampoo will leave your hair looking voluminous and clean. Good idea, eh?

How to Disguise Greasy Hair: 4th Step

The last step in this guide to how to disguise greasy hair is to use a bit of serum on the tips of your hair. In addition to hiding any leftover oil on your roots, the serum will give your hair a polished look. Once you are done applying the serum, check out the finished results in the mirror.

Hopefully, the article above has given you some great ideas on hiding greasy hair.

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