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Unbelievable Simple Tips To Use Hair Extensions For Volume

Would you like to give your hair more thickness, shininess and volume? If so, hair extensions may be what you have been waiting for. Everyone from everyday average people to celebrities use them to not only give hair length, but to also give it volume. You may be wondering how to use hair extensions for volume. No worries, we have you covered. You are about to read our tips on how to give your glamorous, thick volume using clip in hair extensions.

Extra Easy Volume With Hair Extensions

Celebrities do and so can you. Follow these easy simple steps to get added volume

Style Those Hair Extensions

The first part in our guide of how to use hair extensions for volume is to give them style. You can create waves and get the extensions to blend in with your actual hair by using a curling wand. It may be surprise you to know that you can add so much volume to your hair by using one.

Wearing A Volumizing Hair Piece

 If you want to give your hair some volume quickly, you may want to get a volumizing hair piece. One good option is a hair booty; as discussed on its tin, it gives volume to your Bardot-inspired bouffant. It can also give volume to your crown if you want to let your hair hang loose. This hair piece is ideal if you enjoy a 60’s style do and you want to give your hair some body.

Clip In Hair Extensions

 When learning how to use hair extensions for volume, one thing to try is to reverse how you clip in the extensions. It sounds difficult, but it truly is not. Rather than clipping in the extensions flat, flip your head upside down and clip them in that way. Then, all you need to do is flip your head upright and take a look at your hair. It looks great, doesn’t it?

Use Volumizing Products

Whether or not you choose to use hair extensions for volume, if your natural hair is flat, you may need to be using volumizing products. Prior to clipping in your extensions, give your hair natural hair some volume. It is a good idea to use dry shampoo when clipping in your extensions; it will give your hair volume and will also make it easier for the extensions to clip in and stay in place.

Visit Your Stylist

Our final piece of advice on how to use hair extensions for volume is to have your stylist cut them. You probably think this defeats the purpose, but it actually helps. Having extensions cut allows them to blend in better with your natural hair and will give it volume, but will not compromise its length.

When it comes to figuring out how to use hair extensions for volume, there are many methods you can try. You need to determine what will be best for you and your hair. Good Luck!

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